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Roll your fortune

· To help students with spelling and to identify new vocabulary.

Target Group:
· Students at all levels.

· One large playing die, blackboard, word list

· Participants are divided into two teams. A "blank" word is written on the blackboard.


One team rolls the playing die. The roller guesses a letter. If the word contains the letter which is guessed, this team will get the number of points shown on the die. For example, if the participant rolls a five (5) and guesses "y", his/her team will receive five points. If the roller guesses a letter in the word, that team will get to roll again. If the letter guessed is not in the word, then it is the other team's chance to roll. Repeat until the entire word is spelled out.

A. A roll of "1" is an automatic loss of turn
B. Only the team that guesses the final letter keeps its points. The other team will get "0" points.
C. This game may be played using English or Thai words.