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3.2 Staffing

Patel has identified the manpower resources for effective entrepreneurship development programmes as of four types:4

(a) project leaders, trainers, motivators, possessing required skills and qualities to organise EDPs effectively;

(b) specialised expertise for strengthening entrepreneur selection process for EDPs and promotional institutions;

(c) motivation development expertise to strengthen training and development programmes presently biased in favour of information and management inputs; and

(d) improving entrepreneur appraisal capability of credit officers in commercial banks so as to increase the banker’s confidence in the new, first-timer entrepreneur.

The balance between expertise and motivation of the staff has often been a matter of debate, although at best one would want both characteristics and there is little reason why this should not be attainable. There can be little doubt that highly committed amateurs often accomplish a great deal at less cost in entrepreneurship development, as the record of many voluntary agencies attests:

Many would argue that the style and procedures of an intervention are at least as important as its more substantive elements. These individuals see project impacts influenced significantly, for instance, by the extent to which those most responsible for a project’s design and implementation were sensitive to the personal needs of beneficiaries, and the differences among them; and by whether they have the flair or charisma which makes their ideas attractive and the prospects for a goal achievement seem bright. Such skills may make average or even poor projects successful. They see significance, as well, in the degree to which project officials display concern and capacity for adaptation, for an accommodation of existent social and economic activities within the project framework.5

But with a number of organisations now offering very good training programmes for entrepreneur developers, there is no reason why highly committed individuals cannot also acquire improved expertise.6