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close this bookManagement Self-Development - A Guide for Managers, Organisations and Institutions (ILO, 1985, 282 p.)
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Management Development Series

The publications in this series are prepared under the Management Development Programme of the ILO. They focus on selected priority issues of concern to practising managers and administrators, as well as to management trainers, teachers and consultants. Special attention is paid to the changing needs of management training and development institutions in both developing and industrialised countries. As a matter of policy, only topics that have not been adequately covered elsewhere in management literature are dealt with in the series.

The titles available are:

Small enterprise development: Policies and programmes, second (revised) edition, edited by Philip A. Neck and Robert E. Nelson
MDS 14
ISBN 92-2-105699-6
35 Swiss francs

Planning for improved enterprise performance: A guide for managers and consultants, by Robert Abramson and Walter Halset
MDS 15
ISBN 92-2-102082-7
20 Swiss francs

Managing and developing new forms of work organisation, second (revised) edition, edited by George Kanawaty
MDS 16
ISBN 92-2-102707-4
25 Swiss francs

Case method in management development: Guide for effective use, by John I. Reynolds
MDS 17
ISBN 92-2-102363-X
25 Swiss francs

Managing a management development institution, edited by Milan Kubr
MDS 18
ISBN 92-2-102955-7
40 Swiss francs

Strategic management of development programmes: Guide-lines for action, by Samuel Paul
MDS 19
ISBN 92-2-103252-3
20 Swiss francs

Management research: Guide for institutions and professionals, by Roger Bennett
MDS 20
ISBN 92-2-103303-1
25 Swiss francs

Management self-development: A guide for managers, organisations and institutions, by Tom Boydell
MDS 21
ISBN 92-2-103958-7
35 Swiss francs

Improving public enterprise performance: Concepts and techniques, by Victor Powell
MDS 22
ISBN 92-2-105563-9
30 Swiss francs

The manager's guide to international labour standards, by Alan Gladstone
MDS 23
ISBN 92-2-105412-8
17.50 Swiss francs

Library and information services of management development institutions: A practical guide, edited by Ken Vernon
MDS 24
ISBN 92-2-105593-0
22.50 Swiss francs

Managing relations between government and public enterprises: A handbook for administrators and managers, by Praxy Fernandes
MDS 25
ISBN 92-2-105594-9
30 Swiss francs

Training entrepreneurs for small business creation: Lessons from experience, by Kenneth Loucks
MDS 26
ISBN 92-2-106343-7
22.50 Swiss francs

Diagnosing management training and development needs: Concepts and techniques, by Milan Kubr and Joseph Prokopenko
MDS 27
ISBN 92-2-106399-2
35 Swiss francs

Further volumes are in preparation.