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close this bookManagement Self-Development - A Guide for Managers, Organisations and Institutions (ILO, 1985, 282 p.)
close this folderChapter 4. Some fundamental methods
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View the document4.1 Method 1: Personal journal
View the document4.2 Method 2: Backwards review
View the document4.3 Method 3: Reflecting on things that happen
View the document4.4 Method 4: Listening to your inner self and self-counselling; the development of intuition
View the document4.5 Method 5: Courage to try out new things
View the document4.6 Method 6: Experimenting with new behaviours
View the document4.7 Method 7: Improving your will-power
View the document4.8 Method 8: Keeping an open mind
View the document4.9 Method 9: Working with your higher and lower selves
View the document4.10 Suggestions for further reading