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Support for human rights

The Commission has recently approved the financing of the following projects under the budget line 'Human Rights and Democracy in the Developing Countries):

ACP countries

Guinea: ECU 120 000 for a project aimed at actively involving members of the National Assembly in the institution's functioning, and in the democratisation process taking place in the country.

Niger: ECU 72 000 for a human rights training programme in schools in both urban and rural areas.

Nigeria: ECU 118 000 for a human -rights training programme to be run in educational establishments and through itinerant projects in regions lacking education infrastructures.

Fiji: ECU 119 000 for a project to support a non-partisan, multi-ethnic civic forum, aimed at contributing to the achievement of a consensus among various social groups.

Non-ACP countries

Nepal: ECU 59 112 to safeguard texts which are essential to the preservation of Tibetan culture.

Nepal: ECU 30196 for the archiving of slides and photographs depicting art objects in order to preserve the culture and traditional techniques of Tibet.

Philippines: ECU 61 750 for a mission to identify the areas in which strategies for human rights and democracy could lead to positive and lasting changes.

Sri Lanka: ECU 84 314 for a programme of information in the field of promoting equal opportunities and non-discrimination