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View the documentThe United National Centre for Human Settlements (Habitat) has launched a Global Campaign for Secure Tenure.


Allan Graham Tipple (University of Newcastle upon Tyne) prepared the draft that forms the basis for this report. Inge Jensen (UNCHS) developed the research design, co-ordinated the activities and finalised the substantive content as well as layout of the report. Sylvie Lacroux and Selman Ergboth of UNCHS) supervised the research project and provided valuable insights.

Catherine Parmentier (FEANTSA) contributed to the research design and reviewed drafts throughout the research process. She also co-ordinated the research of the FEANTSA report team in Europe. Special thanks are due to members of this team for their collection and presentation of valuable data and insights on homelessness in most European countries: Nils Hertting (University of Uppsala); Sor ErdJr., Hanna Szemzd IvTosics (Metropolitan Research Institute, Budapest); and Ingrid Sahlin (University of Gothenburg).

Richard Groves (University of Birmingham), Diana Lee-Smith (UNCHS) and Lars-Marius Ulfrstad (Norwegian Building Research Institute, Oslo) reviewed draft reports and contributed important insights.

Maggie Anderson (Mosoj Yan, Cochabamba, Bolivia), Allan Birabi (University of Newcastle upon Tyne), Liana Bustillos (University of West Central Venezuela (UCLA), Barquisimeto), A.S. Dasgupta (USAID, New Delhi), A.K. Jain (Delhi Development Authority), Li Baoliang (Institute of Sociology, Tianjin Academy of Social Sciences), Mark Napier (Boutek, CSIR, Pretoria), and Sabine Springer (UNCHS) contributed to the development of the report in its early stages with useful information on specific issues. Other contributors have wished to remain anonymous.

Special thanks are due to FEANTSA for their financial and substantive contribution to the preparation of a draft report on strategies to combat homelessness in Europe, and to the Government of Sweden whose financial contribution made the realization of this research project and the publishing of this report possible.