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close this bookNews & Views - A 2020 vision for food, agriculture, and the environment - September 1999: Pushing back Poverty in India. (IFPRI, 1999, 10 p.)
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Population Growth and Food Security

On May 10, 1999, Margaret Catley-Carlson presented a 2020 Vision policy seminar at IFPRI entitled "World Population Dynamics: What Do They Imply for Food Security?" Catley-Carlson noted that although population growth rates are declining rapidly, population levels are still rising quickly and substantially. To realize a world where every person has access to sufficient food, policies must be combined to increase food production and to slow population growth simultaneously, she explained. This way policies can attack the problem of food security from both the supply and demand sides.

Catley-Carlson has been president of the Population Council and president of the Canadian International Development Agency. She is a member of IFPRI's 2020 International Advisory Committee.