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View the documentDesign VI-1: Seminar preparation and presentations
View the documentSession VI-2: Pond interview week six
View the documentSession VI-3: Trainee evaluation of program - week six

Session VI-2: Pond interview week six

Time frame: Approximately fifteen minutes per trainee

Note: Please refer to Pond Interview - Week Four in Chapter Thirteen for objectives, overview, procedures and trainer notes. Everything remains the same in this pond interview except the questions. Examples of the questions asked in this pond interview include:

1. What are you feeding your fish? What percentage of their weight are you feeding them? How are you determining how much to feed?

2. When was your last sample?

3. What was your sampling technique, sample size?

4. What did you learn from that sample? (growth rate, FCR, health/condition of fish, etc.)

5. Based on your sampling information, is your feeding program proving cost-effective?

6. As a result of your last sample, did you make any adjustments in your management? What and why?

7. Have your fish reproduced? If so, what adjustments have you made to your management and data collection as a result?

8. How are you managing your plankton bloom?

9. What stands out right now as the most burning question you have regarding your pond, and what are you doing to answer that question?