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Chapter twenty-two: Publications, equipment and materials

Part One: Publications

The following is a list of books, reprints, and other written materials that were available to trainees at past programs. This list should not be considered to be complete since there are many additional relevant materials available. Many of these items are available through Information Collection and Exchange (I.C.E.) at Peace Corps/Washington. It is recommended that good texts on fish physiology and ichthyology be added.

Books, magazines, brochures, bulletins, other information:
Aquaculture Magazine (issues from past 10 years)
Catfish Farm Journal (issues from past 4 years)
Various authors: Assorted extension materials used by Peace Corps Volunteers
Attfield, Harlan D.: Raising Rabbits
Bagenal, Timothy ea.: Methods for Assessment of Fish Production in Fresh Waters
Balarin, John Dominic: Tilapia: A Guide to Their Biology and Culture in Africa
Bard, J. et. al.: Manuel de la Pisciculture
Bardach, John E., et. al.: Aquaculture: The Farming and Husbandry of Freshwater and Marine Organisms
Bardach, John E.: Fish Behavior and Its Use in the Capture and Culture of Fishes
Bazigos, G.P.: Design of Fisheries Statistical Surveys - Inland Waters
Belanger, Jerome D.: The Homesteader's Handbook to Raising Small Livestock
Benor, Daniel and J.Q. Harrison: Agricultural Extension - The Training and Visit System
Boserup, Ester: Woman's Role in Economic Development
Boyd, Claude E.: Water Quality in Warm Water Fish Ponds
Brown, E. Evan and John Gratzek: Fish Farming Handbook
Brown, Evan and John Gratzek: World Fish Farming: Cultivation and Economics
Buvinic, Mayra: Women and World Development: An Annotated Bibliography
Carnee, Michael: Research-Extension-Farmer
Chakroff, Marilyn: Culture et Gestion d'Etangs a Poissons d'Eau Douce
Chakroff, Marilyn: Freshwater Fish Pond Culture and Management
Chamberlain, G., et. al.: Texas Shrimp Farming Manual: An Update on Current Technology
Charlton, Sue Ellen M.: Women in Third World Development
Chaston, Ian: Marketing in Fisheries and Aquaculture
Chaston, Ian: Business Management in Fisheries and Aquaculture
Coche, A.G. and H. Van der Wal: Water for Freshwater Fish Culture
Coche, A. G., et. al.: Common Carp 1: Mass Production of Eggs and Early Fry
Coche, A. G., et. al.: Common Carp 2: Mass Production of Advanced Fry and Fingerlings in Ponds
Crozier, Carl: Soil Conservation Techniques for Hillside Farms: A Guide for Peace Corps Volunteers
D'Itri, Frank M.: Artificial Reefs: Marine and Freshwater Applications
Delta Net and Twine: Delta Net and Twine Catalogue
Donahue: R. L., et. al.: Our Soils and Their Management
DuFour, Henry and S. Schraufnage: Inland Fisheries in Sierra Leone: An Extension Workers Manual
Edwards, Peter: Food Potetial of Aquatic Macrophytes
FAO: Aquaculture Planning in Asia
FAO: Monitoring Fish Stock Abundances
FAO: Symposium on Aquaculture in Africa
FAO: Workshop On Controlled Reproduction of Cultivated Fishes
FAO: Report of the FAO Technical Conference on Aquaculture
Fishelson, L. and Z. Yaron: International Symposium on Tilapia in Aquaculture
Fuller, Jefferson C.: Management of Farm Ponds in South Carolina
Gibbons, Michael J. and R. Schroeder: Agricultural Extension
Goldman, Charles R.: Freshwater Crayfish
Hafkes, E.H.: Small Community Water Supplies
Hallowell: Cold and Freezer Storage Manual
Hopkins, Kevin and Emmanual Cruz: The ICLARM-CLSU Integrated Animal Fish Farming Project: Final Report
HUD: Basics of Concrete
Huet, Marcel: Textbook of Fishculture: Breeding and Cultivation of Fish
Huisman, L. and W.E. Wood: Slow Sand Filtration
Huner, Jay V. and E.E. Brown: Crustacean and Mollusk Aquaculture in the United States
Jauncey, Kim and Barbara Ross: A Guide to Tilapia Feeds and Feeding
Jordan, Thomas D.: A Handbook of Gravity-Flow Water Systems
Lannam, James E. and R.O. Smitherman (editors): Principles and Practices of Pond Aquaculture
Leonard, David: Traditional Field Crops
Leonard, David: Soils, Crops and Fertilizer Use
Libert, L. and A. Mavcorp: Mending Fish Nets
Longland, F.: Field Engineering
Lovell, R.T.: Laboratory Manual for Fish Feed Analysis and Fish Nutrition Studies
Mann, H. T., and D. Williamson: Water Treatment and Sanitation: Simple Methods for Areas
May, R.C., R.S.V. Pullin, and V.G. Jhingram: Summary Report of the Asian Regional
Workshop on Carp Hatchery and Nursery Technology
Milne, P.H.: Fish and Shellfish Farming in Coastal Waters
Mississippi Extension Service: Principle Diseases of Farm Raised Catfish
Needham and Needham: A Guide to the Study of Freshwater Biology
Netcraft: Make Nets - Here's How
Pagan-Font, F.A. and J. Zimet: Film Commentary: Artificial Propagation of Chinese Carps
Panayotou, Theodore: The Economics of Catfish (Clarias spp.) Farming in Central Thailand
Peace Corps/I.C.E.: Simon Eleve des Poissons
Peace Corps/I.C.E.: Freshwater Fisheries Program Planning
Peace Corps/I.C.E.: New Crop Production Handbook
Peace Corps/I.C.E.: Audio-VisuaUCommunications Teaching Aids
Peace Corps/I.C.E.: Pan-African Fisheries Conference
Peace Corps/I.C.E.: Handbook for Aquaculture in Thailand
Peace Corps/I.C.E.: Comment Elever La Tilapia nilotica
Pillay, T.V.R.: Planning of Aquaculture Development: An Introductory Guide
Pullin, R.S. and R.H. Lowe-McConnell: The Biology and Culture of Tilapias: Proceedings of the International Conference on the Biology and Culture of Tilapias
Pullin, Roger (editor): Integrated Agriculture/Aquaculture Farming Systems, Proceedings of the ICLARM-S E:ARCA Conference
Riemer, Donald N.: Introduction to Freshwater Vegetation
Rothbard: Induced Reproduction in Cultivated Cyprinids: The Common and Chinese Carps
Saila, Saul B. (editor): Stock Assessment for Tropical Small-Scale Fisheries
Schoenen, Peter: A Bibliography of Important Tilapias (Pisces: Cichlidae) for Aquaculture
Shang: Aquaculture Economics - Basic Concepts and Methods of Analysis
Stickney, Robert R.: Principles of Warmwater Aquaculture
Storms, Kristen: Guia Para La Cria de Peces en Estanques, PC/Honduras
Sutherland, David: Guia Ilustrada de Piscicultura, PC/Honduras
Swiss Center for Appropriate Technology: Appropriate Building Materials
Swiss Center for Appropriate Technology: Manual for Rural Water Supply
Tave, Douglas: Genetics for Fish Hatchery Managers
Temprosa, Rosalinda: Preliminary Bibliography of Rice-Fish Culture
Time Life Books: Illustrated Library of Cooking Fish
Torrans, Les: Blue Tilapia Culture in Arkansas
Trewavas, Ethelwynn: Tilapine Fishes of the Genera Sarotherodon, Oreochromis, and Dankilia
Ulltang, O.: Methods of Measuring Stock Abundance Other Than by the Use of Commercial Catch and Effort Data
UNICEF: Improved Fish Smoking in West Africa
U.N./FAO: Small-Scale Processing of Fish
U.N. Secratariat for WID: Women in Development: A Resource List
US Department of the Interior: Third Report to the Fish Farmers
USAID: Water Management on Small Farms: A Training Manual for Farmers in Hill Areas
USDA/Soil Conservation Service: Conserving Soil
USDA/Soil Conservation Service: Ponds: Planning, Design, Construction
Vergara, Benito S.: A Farmer's Primer on Growing Rice
Vickery, Deborah and James Vickery: Intensive Vegetable Gardening for Profit and Self-Sufficiency
Walne, P.R.: Culture of Bivalve Molluscs: 50 Years Experience at Conway
Watanabe, Wade O.: Experimental Rearing of Nile Tilapia Fry (Oreochromis niloticus) For Salt Water Culture
Watson, Peter R.: Animal Traction
Welcomme, R.L.: The Fisheries Ecology of African Floodplains
Woynarovich, E. and L. Horvath: The Artificial Propagation of Warm-Water Finfishes: A Manual for Extension
Yoshida, Steven: Useful French Terms in Aquaculture, Fisheries and Fish Anatomy

Reprints, articles, pamphlets:

Allison, R., R.O. and J. Cabrero: "Effects of High Density Culture on Reproduction and Yield of Tilapia aurea"

Almazan, G. and Claude Boyd: "Plankton Production and Tilapia Yield in Ponds"

Almazan, G. and Claude Boyd: "An Evaluation of Secchi Disk Visibility for Estimating Plankton Density in Fish Ponds"

Anderson, C.E., and R.O. Smitherman: "Production of Normal Male and Androgen SexReversed T. aurea and T. nilotica Fed a Commercial Catfish Diet in Ponds"

Argent Chemical Labs: "A Guide to Induced Spawning, Maturation and Sex Reversal in Aquaculture"

Auburn University: "Use of Chemicals for Fish Pond Treatment"

Baker, D. A., and R.O. Smitherman: "Immune Response of Tilapia aurea Exposed to Salmonella typhimurium"

Baker, D.A., R.O. Smitherman, and T.A. McCaskey: "Longevity of Salmonella typhimurium in T. aurea and Water and from Pools Fertilized with Swine Waste"

Barash, H., I. Plavnik and R. Moav: "Integration of Duck and Fish Farming: Experimental Results"

Bardach, John: "Basic Fish Anatomy"

Bardach, John: "Foods, Digestion, Nutrition, and Growth"

Bayne, D.R.: "Quality Improving in Alabama's Small Streams"

Bayne, David R., David Dunseth, and Cecilio Garcia R.: "Supplemental Feeds Containing Coffee Pulp for Rearing Tilapia in Central America"

Boyd, Claude E.: "Aluminum Sulfate (Alum) for Precipitating Clay Turbidity from Fish Ponds"

Boyd, Claude E.: "Comparison of Five Fertilization Programs for Fish Ponds"

Boyd, Claude E.: "Comparisons of Water Analysis Kits"

Boyd, Claude E.: "Determination of Total Nitrogen and Chemical Oxygen Demand in Fish Culture Systems"

Boyd, Claude E.: "Evaluation of a Water Analysis Kit"

Boyd, Claude E.: "Evapotranspiration/Evaporation (E/E0) Ratios for Aquatic Plants"

Boyd, Claude E.: "Hydrology of Small Experimental Fish Ponds at Auburn, Alabama"

Boyd, Claude E.: "Influence of Evaporation Excess on Water Requirements for Fish Farming

Boyd, Claude E.: "Liquid Fertilizers for Fish Ponds"

Boyd, Claude E.: "Managing Water Quality in Channel Catfish Ponds"

Boyd, Claude E.: "Nitrogen Fertilizer Effects on Production of Tilapia in Ponds Fertilized with Phosphrus and Potassium"

Boyd, Claude E.: "Nutrient Content of Offal and Small Fish from Some Freshwater Fish Cultures"

Boyd, Claude E.: "Pond Evaporation"

Boyd, Claude E.: "Refinements of the Lime Requirement Procedure for Fish Ponds"

Boyd, Claude E.: "Reliability of Water Analysis Kits"

Boyd, Claude E. and David Hunt: "Alkalinity Losses from Ammonium Fertilizers in Fish Ponds"

Boyd, Claude E. and D.J. Martinson: ''Evaluation of Propellor-Aspirator-Pump Aerators"

Boyd, Claude E. and J.W. Sowles: "Nitrogen Fertilization of Ponds"

Boyd, Claude E. and P.S. McGinty: "Percentage Digestible Dry Matter and Crude Protein in Dried Aquatic Weeds"

Boyd, Claude E. and William D. Hollerman: "Methods of Applying Liquid Fertilizer to Fish Ponds"

Boyd, Claude E., E.E. Prather and R.W. Parks: "Sudden Mortality of a Massive Phytoplankton Bloom"

Boyd, Claude E., Steven Brown and D.R. Bayne: "Phytoplankton Communities in Channel Catfish Ponds"

Busch, C.D., C.A. Flood, J.L. Koon and R. Allison: "Modeling Catfish Pond Nighttime Dissolved Oxygen Levels"

Busch, Charles D.: "Water Circulation for Pond Aeration and Energy Conservation"

Busch, Charles D. and C.A. Flood: "Water Movement for Water Quality in Catfish Production"

Busch, Charles D., J.L. Koon and R. Allison: "Aeration, Water Quality and Catfish Production"

Cabrera, Jorge: "A Note on the Grass Carp, (Ctenopharyngodon idella C and V), Successfully Reared in Mexico"

Chimits, Pierre: "Tilapia: A Preliminary Bibliography"

Clemens, Howard P. and K.E. Sneed: "Bioassay and Use of Pituitary Materials to Spawn WarmWater Fishes"

Cole, Brian A. and C.E. Boyd: "Feeding Rate, Water Quality, and Channel Catfish Production in Ponds"

Collis, William J. and R.O. Smitherman: "Production of Tilapia Hybrids with Cattle Manure or a Commercial Diet"

Crawford, K.W., D.R. Dunseth, C.R. Engle, M.L. Hopkins and R.O. Smitherman: "Marketing Tilapia and Chinese Carps"

Dadzie, Stephan: "Laboratory Experiment on the Fecundity and Frequency of Spawning in Tilapia aurea"

Dadzie, Stephan: "Preliminary Report on Induced Spawning of Tilapia aurea"

Dendy, J.S.: "Use of Woods to Determine the Depths of Oxygen Distribution in Ponds"

Dendy, J.S., V. Varikul, K. Sumawidajaja and M. Potaros: "Production of T. mossambica Peters, Plankton and Benthos as Parameters for Evaluating Nitrogen in Pond Fertilizer"

Dobbins, Daniel A. and Claude E. Boyd: "Phosphorus and Potassium Fertilization of Sunfish Ponds"

Dunseth, David R., and David R. Bayne: "Recruitment Control of Tilapia aurea with the Predator, Cichlasoma managuense"

Gaines, John L., and Wilmer A. Rogers: "Some Skin Lesions of Fishes"

Gonzales, Ernesto R.: "Small-Scale Tilapia Cage Technlogy Adopted in Fishing" Villages in Laguna Lake, Phillipines"

Gray, Sir James: "How Fishes Swim"

Green, Bartholomew, and R.O. Smitherman: "Relative Growth, Survival and Harvestability of Bighead Carp, Silver Carp, and Their Reciprocal Hybrids"

Guerrero, Rafael D.: "Development, Prospects and Problems of the Tilapia Cage Culture Industry in the Phillipines"

Guthrie and Anderson: "The Classification of Animals"

Hanson, Larry A. and John M. Grizzle: "Nitrite-Induced Predisposition of Channel Catfish to Bacterial Diseases"

Haskins, C.J., E.L. Torrans, F. Lowell and T. Bucci: "Effects of an Intralamellar Form of Henneguya sp. on Channel Catfish and a Possible Pond Treatment to Reduce Fish Losses"

Jensen, John and R. Durborow: "Tables for Applying Common Fish Pond Chemicals"

Jensen, G.L., and W.L. Shelton: "Effects of Estrogens on Tilapia aurea: Implications for Production of Monosex Male Tilapia"

Jensen, John, Rex Dunham, and John Flynn: "Producing Channel Catfish Fingerlings"

Jensen, John W.: "Fertilizing Fish Ponds"

Ladd, C.: "Comparative Animal Physiology, pp 48-55, Osmotic Regulation, Respiration, Special Problem: "The Swim Bladder"

Lovell, Tom: "Aquaculture and the Soybean"

Lovell, Tom: "Brown Blood Disease In Pond-Raised Catfish"

Lovell, Tom: "Combined Feeding of Extruded and Pelleted Fish Diets "

Lovell, Tom: "Compensatory Growth in Fish"

Lovell, Tom: "Cool Weather Feeding of Channel Catfish"

Lovell, Tom: "Determining Fish Inventory From Feeding Response"

Lovell, Tom: "Do Pond Raised Catfish Need Vitamin C?"

Lovell, Tom: "Effects of Diet on Reproduction of Brood Catfish"

Lovell, Tom: "Effects of Feed on Sensory Quality of Fish"

Lovell, Tom: "High Levels of Vitamin C in Fish Feeds"

Lovell, Tom: "Intestinal Synthesis of Nutrients of Fish"

Lovell, Tom: "Microbial Toxins in Fish Feeds"

Lovell, Tom: "Nutritional Value of Fish: A Marketing Asset"

Lovell, Tom: "Satiation Feeding - Its Significance in Practice and Research"

Lovell, Tom: "The Yellow Fat Problem in Fish Flesh"

Lovell, Tom: "Use of Cottonseed Meal in Fish Feeds"

Lovell, Tom: "Weight Gain Versus Protein Gain for Evaluating Fish Feeds"

Lovshin, L.L.: "Cooperatively Managed Panamanian Rural Fish Ponds: The Integrated Approach"

Lowell, Fran, Scott H. Newton and Eugene L. Torrans: "Caged Catfish Production in Private Farm Ponds"

McGee, Michael V., and Claude E. Boyd: "Evaluation of the Influence of Water Exchange in Catfish Ponds"

McGee, M.V., J.M. Grizzle, and C.E. Boyd: "Comparitive Histology of Rainbow Trout and Channel Catfish Grown in Intensive Static Water Culture"

Metzger, Randy J., and Claude Boyd: "Liquid Ammonium Polyphosphate as a Fish Pond Fertilizer"

Moore, J. Michael and Claude E. Boyd: "Comparisons of Devices for Aerating Inflow of Pipes"

Musig, Yont, and Claude Boyd: "Comparison of Polyphosphate and Orthophosphate as Fertilizers for Fish Ponds"

Plumb, J. A., and E.E. Quinlan: "Survival of Edwardsiella ictaluri in Pond Water and Bottom Mud"

Riedel, Dietmar: "Some Remarks on the Fecundity of Tilapia and its Introduction into Middle Central America together with a first Contribution towards the Limnology of Nicaragua"

Rogers, W. A.: "Parasitic Diseases of Freshwater Fishes"

Rogers, W.A., J.A. Plumb, and D.A. Jezek: "Effect of the Eye Fluke on the Growth and Survival of the Channel Catfish"

Romaire, Robert P., Claude E. Boyd, and William J. Collis: "Predicting Nighttime Dissolved Oxygen Decline in Ponds Used for Tilapia Culture "

Rouse, R. Dennis: "Fertilizing Fish Farm Ponds"

Rudd, William, and E.L. Torrans: "Introduction to Fisheries Programs"

Sarig, S.: "Synopsis of Biological Data on Common Carp, Cyprinus carpio (Linnaeus), 1758 (Near East and Europe)"

Sarig, S., and M. Lahav: "The Treatment with Lindane of Carps and Fishponds Infected with the Fish Louse Argulus"

Schaeperclaus: "Pondfish Culture - Chapter 4, Carp Fisheries"

Shelton, James L. and Claude E. Boyd: "Correction Factors for Calculating Oxygen Transfer Rates of Pond Aerators"

Smisek, J.: "Sexual Differentiation in the Carp and its Determination"

Snow J.R.: "Plastic Bags for Shipping Sac-Fry of Largemouth Bass"

Soderberg, Richard W.: "Aeration of Water Supplies for Fish Culture in Flowing Water"

Swingle, H.S.: "Biological Means of Increasing Productivity in Ponds"

Swingle, H.S.: "Relationship of pH of Pond Water to Their Suitability for Fish Culture"

Tave, D., J.E. Bartels, and R.O. Smitherman: "Saddleback: a dominant, lethal gene in Sarotherodon aureus (Steindacher)"

Tave, D., J.E. Bartels, and R.O. Smitherman: "Stumpbody Sarotherodon aureus (Steindacher) and tail-less S. niloticus: two vertebral anomalies and their effects on body length"

Tave, Douglas: "Female Transfer: A Technique to Produce Genetically Identifiable Families with T. aurea"

Tayamen, Melchor M., and W.L. Shelton: "Inducement of Sex Reversal in Sarotherodon niloticus (Linnaeus)"

Timmons, T.J., W.L. Shelton, and W.D. Davies: Gonad Development, Fecundity, and Spawning Season of Largemouth Bass in Newly Impounded West Point Reservoir"

Torrans, E.L. and Fran Lowell: "Growth of Mixed-Sex Young-of-the-Year Blue Tilapia (Tilapia aurea) in Polyculture with Channel Catfish (Ictalurus punctatus)"

Torrans, E.L. and Fran Lowell: "Effects of Blue Tilapia/Channel Catfish Polyculture on Production, Food Conversion, Water Quality and Channel Catfish Off-Flavor"

Torrans, L. and F. Lowell: "Evaluation of a Fin-Ray Scarring Technique for Individually Marking Fish"

Uchida, Richard N., and Joseph King: "Tank Culture of Tilapia "

Watson, N.R.: "Processed Piggery Waste as a Feed Material for Cyprinus carpio"

Weatherley, A.H., and B.M.G. Cogger: "Fish Culture: Problems and Prospects"

Wellborn, T.L., Thomas Schwedler, and J.R. MacMillan: "Channel Catfish Fingerling Production"

Whitwell, Ted: "Weed Control in Lakes and Farm Ponds"

Wohlfarth, Giora W., and Gideon I. Hulata: "Applied Genetics of Tilapia"

Yashouv, A.: "Biological Data on Tilapia galilaea and Tilapia nilotica in the Fish Ponds"

Yashouv, A., and J. Chervinski: "Evaluation of Various Food Items in the Diet of T. nilotica"

Yashouv, A., and J. Chervinski: "The Food of the T. nilotica in Ponds of the Fish Culture Research Station at Dor

Part Two: Tools and Technical Equiprnent/Matena/s

The following is a list of the tools and technical equipment/materials/supplies which should be available during training. The number preceeding each item represents the quantity of that item which would be needed for a group of 25 trainees.

Garden and Construction Tools








Garden rakes


Lawn rakes


Shovels (short handle)


Shovels (long handle)




Sledge hammer






Weed whips


Hedge trimmers




5-hp portable pump with appropriate hoses (if appropriate)


5-gallon gas can

Brooms At least one per area for which trainees are responsible, i.e., each shed, classroom, van, meeting area, etc.)

Hand tools


Pipe wrenches (aapropriate sizes for pipes on site)


3-foot carpenter's levels


Carpenter's square


Metric socket set


Socket set


Wood saws


Hack saws (plus extra blades)


Coping saws (plus extra blades)


Keyhole saw (plus extra blades)


Chalk line


1" wood chisels


Hand drills


Wood boring bit sets






Masonry trowels


Tin snips


Wire cutters


Slip joint wrenches (one large, one small)


Crescent wrenches (assorted sizes)


Needle nose pliers




Vise grips




Flat-head screwdrivers (assorted sizes)


Phillip's head scredrivers (assorted sizes)


Steel meter sticks


Staple guns




50' Tape measures (in addition to those listed under Surveying Equipment)


Soil augers

Hardware, Miscellaneous Consumable Items
Good assortment of nails, screws, bolts, nuts, staples, hog rings, washers, etc.
Hardware cloth
Chicken wire
Duct tape
Masking tape
Electrical tape
Teflon tape
Bungi cords
Goat rubber
PVC pipe and fittings as appropriate for site PVC primer
PVC cement
Fishing line
WD 40
Gasket material
Silicone glue
Silicone sealant
Paints, epoxy,etc.
Lumber as needed for projects and per trainee request
Electrical connectors, clamps, switches, etc. as needed Cement



500-gram platform scales


2-kg spring scales


10-kg spring scales


10 kg hanging scale w/pan (weighing feed)


30-kg. hanging scales



Dip nets, long handle, 1" mesh


Dip nets, long handle, 1/4" mesh


Dip nets, short handle, fine mesh


Cast nets, 6' or 8' diameter, 1/4" mesh


Seines, 50' x 6', 1" mesh


Seines, 50' x 6', 1/2" mesh


Seines, 50' x 6', 1/4" mesh


Seine, 25' x 6', 1/8" mesh


Seines, 15' x 6', fine mesh (1/16")

Other Pond Equipment


5-gallon buckets


2-gallon buckets


15-gallon galvanized tubs


18-gallon galvanized tubs


Shrimp baskets


Large plastic garbage cans w/lids


Pairs waders, assorted sizes (if appropriate)


Plankton nets


Pocket thermometers (0 - 120°F)


Secchi disk (trainees can make these)


Transport tank


Agitators for transport tank


Water Quality Test Kits (Hach Model AL-36B is good)


Salinity test kits


Ammonia test kits (Important Note: For water chemistry kits, also have on hand plenty of refill reagents, extra glassware and other parts)

Surveying Equipment


Dumpy levels with tripods


Stadia Rods


100' tape measures (Note: Tape measure should be consistent with stadia rod regarding measurements, i.e., both should be either metric or English, if English both should be in inches tenths of feet)


Surveying flags


Rolls of flourescent tape


Hand levels


Line levels

Aquaculture Consumables and Chemicals (chemicals optional as appropriate)
Assortment of feeds in appropriate quantities (rice bran, cotton seed meal, wheat shorts, catfish and trout pellets and meals, etc.)
Assortment of fertilizers in appropriate quantities (10-10-10, 046- 0, manures, etc.)
Agricultural Lime
Grass seed
Potassium Permanganate

Additional equipment, supplies, etc. for technical work, seminars, fish fry


Filet knives


Sharpening stones


Coolers (for fish)


Aquarium (10 gallon) with pumps, filters, etc.


Mason jars


Dissecting kits


Dissecting pans




Mortar and pestle


Net-making shuttles


Test tubes


Pairs of rubber gloves



Microscope slides and cover slips
Pots, pans, bowls, utensils, etc. for fish fry if needed

Classroom and Office Supplies (What is listed in this section are common supplies that are made available to trainees and/or used in the classroom. This does not attempt to include all office supplies as needed for administrative purposes. Trainees may request many additional items for preparing visual aids and for other special projects.)
35 1-1/2" three ring binders
Lined notebook paper
Tabbed notebook dividers
Ballpoint pens
Colored pencils
Newsprint Pads (large)
Poster board
Assorted waterproof markers
2 Flip-Chart stands
Poster paints
Small paintbrushes (assorted sizes)
Modelling clay
Scotch tape
3 hole-punch
Staplers and staples
Paper clips, spring clips, etc.
Clipboards - one per staff member
Steno pads
Slide projector
Cassette player/recorder and blank cassette tapes

Miscellaneous, as needed
Recreational equipment (volleyball and net, basketball, frisbees, etc.)
Fire extinguisher(s)
All tools and supplies needed for vehicle maintenance
Cleaning supplies
Insect repellent
First Aid supplies

Human Resources (Please also refer to Program Design Chapters)

· Expert in surveying techniques (preferably with experience related to pond construction)

· Expert in site selection, pond design and pond construction for aquaculture

· Aquaculture extension agents (or in other agricultural field)

· Fish farmers: preferably representing different levels of intensity, different levels of technology, different types of operations, different goals, species, etc.

· Aquaculture Researchers, university, government, private industry

· Expert in soils

· Expert in carpentry, masonry

· Fish nutritionist

· Parasite and disease diagnostician

· Marketing expert

· Agricultural economist

· Feed mill personnel

· Processing plant personnel

· Vendors of industry support equipment

· Expert(s) in general aquaculture concepts and principles

· Expert(s) regarding aquaculture development and programming issues both in the United States and overseas

· Fisheries Sector Specialist from Peace Corps/Washington

· Returned Peace Corps Volunteers from countries to which trainees are assigned (or other RPCV/fisheries who can serve as technical resources earlier in the program)

· Peace Corps field staff from countries to which trainees are assigned

· Local resources associated with community services, i.e., librarian, health care workers, policy makers, etc.)

Texts, Manuals and Equipment Given to Trainees to Take Overseas Note: The decisions regarding what trainees receive to take with them overseas is based entirely on the request of the field staff in each country. The following is a list of materials that have been provided during past stateside programs.


· Balarin, John: Tilapia - a guide to their biology and culture in Africa Bardach, Ryther, McLarney: Aquaculture: The Farming and Husbandry of Freshwater and Marine Organisms

· Boyd, Claude: Water Quality in Warmwater Fish Ponds

· Brown and Gratzek: Fish Farming Handbook

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· Hand level
· Line level
· Spring scale, 20 lbs. x 4 oz. and 10 kg. x 100 gr.
· Pocket thermometer in case, 0- 120°F
· Hach Water Ecology Test Kit Model AL-36B
· pH test kit with extra reagents (LaMotte Kit #2117)
· Biscope, 100X
· Plankton net
· Cast net, 3' or 4' radius, 1/4" mesh
· Netting material; per request of country, usually 1/4" mesh, 6' deep Delta mesh
· Braided polypropylene rope, 1/4"
· Sponge floats
· Lead weights, 12 per lb.
· Roll of #9 tarred twine
· 1/4" plastic net shuttle

Suggestion regarding material for seine construction:

For a 10 meter seine, give trainee:

For a 15 meter seine, give trainee:

13.5 meters netting

20 meters netting

28 meters rope

38 meters rope

17 floats

25 floats

17 leads

25 leads

1 roll twine

1 roll twine