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close this bookThe Basic of Biomass Roofing (GTZ - ITDG - SKAT - CRATerre-EAG, 1997, 36 p.)
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Key questions

If you are interested in roofing with organic materials you should be aware of the implications. Consider:

· acceptability of design and aesthetic aspects
· roofing materials
· roofing skills
· costs, management and investment

Ten key questions

1. Is there a demand for an alternative roofing solution or for an improvement in traditional techniques?

2. Do you think people would accept buildings with an biomass material roof?

3. Are suitable materials available locally or can they be produced?

4. Will the fire hazard characteristic of biomass roofing be a serious problem?

5. Are you aware that all types of roofing need periodic maintenance?

6. Do you realise that a new roof covering may require other changes to the building structure?

7. Is your region prone to specific problems related to biomass roofing, such as bush fires?

8. Are you prepared to make an investment in equipment and the necessary preliminary surveys?

9. Are you prepared to pay particular attention to training?

10. Do you know where you can find technical and training support?