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close this bookThe Basic of Biomass Roofing (GTZ - ITDG - SKAT - CRATerre-EAG, 1997, 36 p.)
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This book explains the fundamental principles of every aspect of using biomass as a roof covering, from the selection, cultivation and harvesting of suitable plants through to a guide to proven techniques for producing a durable roof covering in different climatic zones.

Since durability depends substantially on the skill of the roofing contractor, emphasis is given to work on the building site.

Who may be interested in this booklet?

· Decision-makers, architects, engineers, project managers, building entrepreneurs, and all who wish to know more about building with organic roofing.

What you can find in this booklet?

· Basic information about building with organic roofing.
· The advantages and limitations of organic roofing.
· Recommendations, bibliographic references and addresses for getting more information.

What you will not find in this booklet?

· Detailed technical information.
· Information relating to local conditions.