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Annex XII: Sun position charts for Australian capital cities

The following sun-charts are a selection of those developed by David N.H. Hassall. B.E.. M.Bdg.Sc., M.I.E. (Aust.) of the School of Building at the University of New South Wales. The full collection of charts for many centres in New South Wales and all capital cities of Australia were published by the School of Building' as Report No. 2, November 1984.

Figure XII. 1 Sun position charts for Adelaide

Figure XII.2 Sun position charts for Brisbane

Figure XII.3 Sun position charts for Canberra

Figure XII.4 Sun position charts for Darwin

Figure XII.5 Sun position charts for Hobart

Figure XII.6 Sun position charts for Melbourne

Figure XII.7 Sun position charts for Perth

Figure XII.8 Sun position charts for Sydney