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This training manual represents more than two years of involvement with the Peace Corps Energy Project. The manual was begun in October 1979 as one component of a pilot training program undertaken by the Farallones Institute and CHP International, Inc., and has been completed in accordance with the terms of a second contract.

During that time, we have written a preliminary draft, a revision of those materials, and the current training manual. In addition, we have conducted four training cycles at the Farallones Institute Rural Center, based in large part upon the content of this manual.

We believe that our involvement has produced a valuable and adaptable learning tool. However, the manual must continue to be tested, evaluated and modified in order to reflect changing needs and circumstances. It is our hope that you will contribute to that process, and that you will help make the manual more appropriate and useful during future training programs.

If you have observations or suggestions about the contents, methods or approach included in the manual, please contact the authors at the Farallones Institute or CHP International, Inc.