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close this bookGATE - 2/96 - Renewable Energy and Solar Energy Use (GTZ GATE, 1996, 52 p.)
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Letters to the editor

Letters to the Editor
"A toast to 'Methantech'"

A gate-book by Ludwig Sasse about the construction of biogas operations has had some impact in Georgia. We quote from the Georgian journal "Tschemi Mamuli", December 1995.

A spokesperson of the farmers' association explained:

"In Georgia in the last decade many specialists and scientists have tried to put biogas technology into practice. Three years ago, the farmers' association received a book from a German, Hannah Kegel with several construction plans for biogas operations which was edited by GTZ/GATE. Thanks to the help of German and Georgian specialists we could publish this book in Georgian."

The farmer Awtandil Mermanischwili from the village Mgwimewi reports with great enthusiasm about his experiences with the self-construction of his operation:

"Many people from the village looked at me critically and asked: What is this man doing? As soon as I had finished, I went to get new manure (3.5 tons), threw it into the digester, added the same amount of water and closed the self-made lid. (...)

A few days later I got up early, so that my wife would not see me just in case the gas cooker does not work and she might laugh at me. Quietly, I went to the gas cooker, opened the cooker and struck a match. But the cooker did not work. I got scared, but soon I realised that the gas had not reached the pipe. Soon afterwards, the cooker worked. My wife could not believe her eyes. What do you say now? Before you complained about me. Do you still want me to be somewhere else? I left the kitchen with a smile, thanked the inventor of biogas and the one who gave the construction plans to me: A toast to 'Methantech' (Biogas)."

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