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5. Little technology transfer

Technology is key to economic development. One wonders whether the technologically advanced. nations are really interested in transferring technology to less advanced nations which, if successful, would make then more competitive and self-reliant? Is it naive on the part of the technologically less advanced to expect genuine transfer of this type of knowledge? At the moment technology transfer into Africa continues to be in the form of consumer technology which only allows people to learn what technology to consume and how to consume it.

Only a new partnership in a new era of co-operation could make government and its people agree to transfer technological information which can make a difference. Only a new breed of African political leaders could put the welfare of their people first and make it the basis for political and economic policies. With such new partnership and international cooperation local innovations and initiatives would be supported without discrimination. For unless Africa creates the environment for creative innovations and supports the same, she will remain technologically backward in a world where technology dominates commerce, politics and even culture. People of good will can help Africa, but, Africa must create the enabling environment for her people to benefit from such support. Political leadership with that vision is currently lacking in many African countries.