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close this bookFinancing Cities for Sustainable Development (HABITAT - UNDESA, 67 p.)
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CBD - Central business district
DAWASA - Dar es Salaam Water and Sewerage Authority
DCC - Dar es Salaam City Council
DDC - District development committee
DSUHP - Dar es Salaam Urban Health Project
DSS - Dar es Salaam Sanitation Service
ESRF - Economic and Social Research Foundation
GPT - Graduated personal tax
HFCK - Housing Finance Company of Kenya
JICA - Japan International Cooperation Agency
KCC - Kampala City Council
KIA - Kenya Institute of Administration
LALF - Local Authority Loans Fund
LGLA - Local Government Loans Authority
LGLB - Local Government Loans Board
MCR - Minimum compulsory reserve
MMC - Mwanza Municipal Council
MPND - Ministry of Planning and National Development
NHC - National Housing Corporation
NSSF - National Social Security Fund
NUWA - National Urban Water Authority
ODA - Overseas Development Administration
TANESCO - Tanzania Electricity Supply Company
TRA - Tanzania Revenue Authority
UDA - Dar es Salaam City public transportation company
UPE - Universal Primary Education