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close this bookThe Sustainable Cities Programme (SCP) - Sustainable Cities and Local Governance (HABITAT - UNEP, 12 p.)
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View the documentA Sustainable City...
View the documentSustainable Cities are Fundamental to Social and Economic Development
View the documentBroad-based Local Governance is Key to Sustainable Cities
View the documentThe Sustainable Cities Programme (SCP) Offers a Practical Response to the Universal Search for Sustainable Development
View the documentThe Sustainable Cities Programme (SCP) is a UN facility to Package and Apply Specialised Know-how in Urban Environmental Management
View the documentThe Sustainable Cities Programme (SCP) is Driven by Local Needs and Opportunities
View the documentThe Sustainable Cities Programme (SCP) Operates at City, Country, Regional and Global Levels
View the documentThe Sustainable Cities Programme (SCP) is a Vehicle for Inter-Agency Cooperation
View the documentThe Sustainable Cities Programme (SCP) is a Joint UNCHS/UNEP Facility
View the documentThe Sustainable Cities Programme Supports a Learning-Based Process to Advance Collective Know-how Among the Partner Cities
View the documentThe Sustainable Cities Programme and the Urban Environment Forum
View the documentSCP's International Partners

SCP's International Partners

UNCHS/UNEP Awareness and Preparedness for Emergencies at Local Level - APELL, Community Development Programme - CDP Community Environmental Management Information System - CEMIS Global Environmental Monitoring System - GEMS/Air Global Resource Information Database - GRID Global Resource Information Database - GRID/Arendal Industry and Environment Programme Activity Centre - IE-PAC International Environmental Technology Centre - IETC Settlements Upgrading Programme - SUP TCD Regional Units Urban Management Programme - UMP UNEP/Human Health and Well-Being UNEP/Water Unit Women in Human Settlements Development Programme - WHSDP other United Nations and international organisations European Union - EU ILO Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development - OECD UNDP UNESCO UUNRISD UNICEF WHO World Bank local government organisations CITYNET The International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives - ICLEI Union of Baltic Cities - UBC national organisations Canada - CIDA Denmark - DANIDA Germany - GTZ France Italy Japan - JICA Norway - NORAD Sweden - SIDA Switzerland - SDC The Netherlands - DGIS, VROM United Kingdom - ODA United States of America - USAID research institutes International Housing and Urban Studies - IHS International Development Research Center -IDRC Natural Resources Institute - NRI University of Hamburg University of Kiel University of Regensburg University of Zurich international NGOs Environmental Liasion Centre International - ELCI HIC - Women in Development - WID International Center for Sustainable Cities - ICSC Transparency International - TI Plan International private business sector Map Maker Ltd. Landmark Ltd. Business Council for Sustainable Development - BCSD Asplan Viak Sor

For more information on the Sustainable Cities Programme, please contact:

Jochen Eigen, Coordinator, Sustainable Cities Programme, United Nations Centre for Human Settlements (Habitat), P.O. Box 30030, Nairobi, Kenya. Tel: +254 (2) 62 3225, Fax: +254 (2) 62 3715/4264,
E-mail: or

Anthony Edwards, Executive Coordinator, Human Health and Well-Being, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Nairobi, Kenya. Tel: +254 (2) 62 3787, Fax: + 254 (2) 217119,