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close this bookFood and Energy - Strategies for Sustainable Development (UNU, 1990, 81 p.)
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Appendix II: FEN Publications

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Chapter 3

  1. Subsequent parts of this chapter borrow heavily from two reports prepared by Dr. Ben Wisner: "Report of the Seminar" included in the proceedings of the 1984 Brasilia seminar (FINEP/UNESCO 1986) and his report of the 1986 New Delhi conference (Wiener 1986).
  2. This section is based on the 1987 feasibility report on "Biomass-based Agro-Industrial-Energy Systems" prepared by Drs. E.L. La Rovere and T.K. Moulik for the UNU.

Chapter 4

  1. This section is based on the 1987 report, "Communication and Urban Self Reliance", prepared for FEN by Dr. Yves Cabannes of GRET (Technological Research and Exchange Group), Paris.
  2. See "Rede de Comunica Experiias Municipais," Municipios em Buscade Solus 1, no. 1 (1986).
  3. "La ville, un ab inconnu, est (vue de loin) une loterie; leut-e on aura des chances, tout au moins la mis plus libre."

Chapter 6

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