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The following bibliography lists the documents, publications and papers submitted by participants to the International Encounter. Unfortunately, as there were so many documents, it has not been possible to include all of them on this list. We have tried to select those that focus on the main theme of the Encounter: Democracy, Human Rights and the Role of Women in a Interdependent World.


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Volume I: Proceedings of the Workshop. - 428 p.
Volume II: Project Profiles. - 319 p. (English and French).

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La democratic, l'Afrique et le dloppement (Democracy, Africa and Development). (French).

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Volume I: Women's Human Rights on an international Level. (English).
Volume II: Domestic Violence of Women's Human Rights. (English).

The Rights of "Man" in the Feminine: Paper written for the Inter-Regional Meeting organised in preparation of the World Conference on Human Rights, Council of Europe, Strasbourg, 28-30 January 1993. (English and French).

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La democratic a besoin de femmes (Democracy needs women) in: Bsseurs
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Papers submitted to the Encounter:

ALLOO, Fatma.
Democracy and Human Rights: Impact on Women in Africa. Paper submitted to the Encounter by Fatma Alloo, Editor of Sauti Ya Siti, a Tanzanian women's magazine. (English).

BUKASA, Albertine.
Dcratie et droits de la personne pour la femme zaise (Democracy and Human Rights for the Zairian Women). League of Human Rights of Zaire. (French).

CORRAL, Thais.
O olhar das mulheres no campo dos direitos humanos e democracia (The Look of Women in the Field of Human Rights and Democracy), Brazil. (Portuguese and English).
Human Rights and Women's Rights. GAIA Women's Centre, Russia. (English).

GVV, Inger Lise.
Women and Democracy. Opening Speech of the President of the First Chamber of the Norwegian Parliament. (English and French).

Opening Speech of the Vice-President of the Gabonese Parliament. (French).

KRISHNA, Shyamala.
Women, Development and Environment, introductory speech, working
group. (English and French). LALUMIE, Catherine. Closing Speech of the Secretary General of the Council of Europe, 1993. (French).

Opening Speech of the Portuguese Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs. (Portuguese).

MOTTIN-SYLLA, Marie-Helene.
Solidaritraditionnelle et independence nomique des femmes (Economic Independence and Solidarity), introductory speech, working group. (French).

NANCHEN, Gabrielle.
Valeurs traditionnelles et modernitTraditional Values and Modernity), introductory speech, working group. (French).

SELA, Michal.
Pouvoir et responsabilites femmes journalistes (Power and Responsibility of Women Journalists), introductory speech, working group. (English).

Opening Speech of the Permanent Observer of the Organisation for African Unity in Geneva (French).

Women and Sustainable Development: Paper submitted by INSTRAW for the International Encounter: "Democracy and Human Rights: the Role of Women in an Interdependent World", 5-7 April 1993. - Lisbon, Portugal. - 7 p. (English and French).


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