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Words of Encouragement on the occasion of World Rural Women's Day - 15th October 1997

President Bill Clinton, USA
President Ramos, Philippines
Mary Robinson, HCHR
Henri Carsalade, FAO
Angela E.V. King,UN
Ingeborg Breines, UNESCO
Werner Schleiffer, WFP
Annemarie Will, UPS
Alimata SalamberACCT
Marcel Sandoz, USP

President Bill Clinton

President Bill Clinton of the United States of America, inspired by this initiative, proclaimed 15 October 1997 as International Rural Women's Day in the United States. "...I call upon the American people to observe this day with appropriate programs and activities in recognition of the extraordinary contributions rural women make to the quality of lives, both in America and around the world..."

President Ramos

President Ramos of the Philippines also proclaimed 15 October 1997 and every year thereafter as National Day for Rural Women. "...the Philippines recognizes the role and tremendous contribution of rural women to our country's economic development and food security. There is a necessity to set aside a period during which concerted national effort for the recognition of the role that rural women play in the vitality of the economy may be highlighted..."

Mary Robinson

Mary Robinson, High Commissioner for Human Rights
"...It is with great pleasure that I welcome this excellent initiative to organize in Geneva the celebration of World Rural Women's Day . I would like to convey to all those who made this event a reality my best wishes and I salute the Women's World Summit Foundation. This event is a timely opportunity to reflect on the situation of women in rural areas, but also an occasion to pay tribute to the laureates of the "Prize for women's creativity in rural life"..."

Henri Carsalade

Henri Carsalade, FAO Sous-Directeur Gral - Drtement du dloppement durable
"...Nous allons examiner ensemble tout au long de cette journles points clde la formation et de l'information des femmes. L'action que nous avons lancen faveur de la sritlimentaire dans le monde dndra de la conjugaison des efforts, sans cesse renouvelet multiplide nos organisations intergouvernementales, de ceux des Etats et de ceux de la soci civile pour amorer l'cation des femmes. "Eduquer une femme, c'est quer une nation" - c'est aussi assurer la sritlimentaire de sa famille et de son pays..."

Angela E.V. King

Angela E.V. King, U.N. Assistant Secretary General and Special Adviser on Gender Issues and
Advancement of Women
"...The celebration of World Rural Women's Day provides an opportunity to honour women who have contributed to the spirit of the Beijing Platform for Action and to remind the world how much we owe to rural women and to give credit and value to their work. I hope it will proclaim the essential message to the need for immediate and determined actions for the advancement of rural women..."

Ingeborg Breines

Ingeborg Breines, Women and a Culture of Peace Programme, UNESCO, congratulates the Women's World Summit Foundation for organizing celebrations to mark World Rural Women's Day at the UN in Geneva. "...Through its Women and a Culture of Peace Programme, UNESCO is emphasizing the need to empower and support women's initiatives for peace, enhance their participation in democratic processes and improve their access to decision-making positions as well as encourage new expectations to men, in order to achieve a gender-sensitive, sustainable development..."

Werner Schleiffer

Werner Schleiffer, Director of the World Food Programme, UN-Geneva Office
"...We feel very strongly about the empowerment of women, especially rural women. Most people are unaware of the fundamental role rural women play in agriculture and focusing more on them is ultimately the most beneficial route for creating food security, fostering economic growth and preventing or mitigating much of the damage caused in disasters..."

Annemarie Will

Annemarie Will, prdente de l'Union des paysannes suisses
"...j'ai le plaisir de vous transmettre les salutations de notre organisation et de fciter cordialement les gagnantes du prix pour la crivites femmes en milieu rural. En m temps, j'aimerais fciter les initiantes d'avoir eu l'idde mettre sur pied une journmondiale des femmes paysannes. Le poster crspalement pour cette journsymbolise de fa excellent le rde la femme qui nourrit et s'occupe de la famille. C'est mettre en dence ses valeurs sociales et culturelles, sans oublier bien sn rnomique..."

Alimata SalamberB>

Madame Alimata SalamberDirectrice Grale Culture et Multima, AGENCE DE LA FRANCOPHONIE (ACCT)
".. Je tiens ous fciter, ainsi que les autres ONG initiatrices, pour la cbration, pre chaque anna m date du 15 octobre, de cette Journmondiale de la Femme rurale et vous transmets tous mes plus chaleureux encouragements oursuivre dans cette voie..."

Marcel Sandoz

Le prdent de l'union suisse des paysans, Marcel Sandoz, conseiller national, agriculteur avigny
"...Vous avez su dntrer le rde la femme en milieu rural. Que ce soit dans la production, dans la gestion et l'utilisation des aliments et des ressources naturelles, votre action est primoridale. Elle est aussi reconnue..."