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(Information as of 1993)

Samuel Tunde Bajah


S.T. Bajah was educated at the University of Ibadan, Oxford University and the University of South Dakota. He was the Editor-in-chief and later President of the Science Teachers Association of Nigeria. Professor Bajah was Acting Director, Institute of Education, and a former Dean of the Faculty of Education, University of Ibadan. His areas of specialization are Curriculum Development and Programme Evaluation.

Currently he is the Chief Project Officer for the Education Programme of the Human Resource Development Group, Commonwealth Secretariat, London.

Grace W. Bunyi


Grace W. Bunyi is a lecturer in the Department of African Curriculum Organization in the Centre for Curriculum Studies in Africa (CCSA) at Kenyatta University, Kenya. Her area of specialization is Curriculum Development. Currently she is working on her PhD degree on 'Multilingualism and Cognition in the Teaching of Mathematics in Primary Schools in Kenya' at the University of Toronto, Canada.

Darge Wole


Darge Wole received his PhD in Educational Psychology from the Florida State University, USA. He has served as Assistant Dean of the Faculty of Education in the College of Social Sciences, Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia. Presently he is an Associate Professor in Educational Psychology and Director of the Institute of Educational Research at the same university. The areas of his research include student characteristics and methods of instruction and evaluation.

Michael H. Knott


Mike Knott, after attending the first year of a wartime MA programme at Edinburgh University and service in the Royal Navy, emigrated to Zimbabwe and obtained a first degree at the University of South Africa. He worked in industry in the area of management development and industrial training prior to joining the University of Zimbabwe, Department of Adult Education. His main interests and special fields include human resource development and educational technology. He is a member of the Institute of Training and Development, American Society for Training and Development, and Society for Research in Higher Education. At the time of writing this handbook, Mr Knott was the Director of the University Teaching and Learning Centre, University of Zimbabwe. He has been elected Coordinator of the Staff Development Network in the sub-region (USDESA Network).

Barbara Matiru


Barbara Matiru received her BEd and MA (Hons.) in Education from the University of British Columbia, Canada. Her work has mainly been in the area of adult and distance education, having served for over a decade as a lecturer at the College of Education and External Studies, University of Nairobi. She has been a consultant in the Eastern and Southern African Region to the University of Botswana, International Extension College (IEC), International Co-operative Alliance, African Medical Research Foundation (AMREF), German Foundation for International Development (DSE), DANIDA, UNESCO, UNICEF, as well as various other NGOs and government institutions in Kenya. She is a recognized Kenyan author and editor of a range of educational books and is active on several editorial boards. Currently, she is the Distance Learning Researcher for the Africa Alliance of YMCAs (Nairobi) and the YMCA National College (London).

Tom Mulusa


Tom Mulusa holds a BA degree from the university of London, MA from the University of Nairobi and MA in Education and PhD in Education from the University of Massachusetts. His main area of work has been as lecturer in the Institute of Adult Studies, Director of Extra-Mural Studies, and Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Education, University of Nairobi. Dr Mulusa retired in 1991 and continues with his interests in research programmes, evaluation, leadership training, education and development as an educational consultant, based in his home town Gambogi, Kenya.

Godfrey Muriuki


Godfrey Muriuki was born in Nyeri, Kenya, and educated in Makerere University College, Uganda, where he obtained a BA (Hons.) in History. He then proceeded to the School of Oriental and African studies where he obtained a PhD in African History. Professor Muriuki has served as Chairman of the Department of History and Dean, Faculty of Arts of the University of Nairobi. Currently, he is Director of the Board of the Common Undergraduate Studies and Special Advisor to students.

He takes keen interest in community affairs. He has been honoured with the Order of the Elder of the Burning Spear (EBS) of Kenya; honorary life membership of the Historical Association of Great Britain; and editorial boardship of African Affairs, Journal of African History and The International Journal of African Historical Studies.

Peter Kiilu Mutunga


Peter Kiilu Mutunga was educated at San Francisco State University where he received his BA and MEd degrees. Later he proceeded to Claremont Graduate School, California, where he obtained a PhD in Education. He is a senior lecturer and current Chairman of the Department of Educational Communication and Technology at Kenyatta University, Kenya. His areas of specialization are Mathematics Education and Pedagogics. He has recently co-authored Mathematics Education and Mathematics into Health among other publications.

Anna P. Mwangi


Anna P. Mwangi obtained her MA degree in Literature and Linguistics and Diploma in Education from Sofia State University. She has been Chairman of the Department of Literature at Kikuyu Campus of Nairobi University and is the Vice Chairman of the Editorial Board of the Kenya Adult Education Association's newsletter, KAEA News as well as its Journal. Her areas of specialization are Literature and Linguistics. She is interested in promoting distance as well as adult education and has written or edited various educational materials in this area. She is serving as a consultant to a number of NGO's, institutes and ministries in the Eastern and Southern African Region in the development of their public education and information materials as well as proposal-writing.

At present Anna Mwangi lectures at the Department of Literature and Linguistics, Faculty of Social Sciences, College of Education and External Studies, University of Nairobi, where she is also a Warden of students. She has been elected as the representative of her Faculty to the Nairobi University Senate.

Johnson Nkuuhe


Johnson Nkuuhe graduated as a veterinary surgeon from the University of Nairobi, Kenya in 1974, and practised his profession in Uganda, his home country, for three years. He then proceeded to the University of Saskatchewan, Canada, where he obtained an MSc and a PhD in Physiology, Endocrinology and Reproductive Physiology. Since 1983, Dr Nkuuhe has lectured at the University of Zimbabwe in Physiology, primarily to veterinary students, but also to medical, agriculture, and pharmacy students at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Dr Nkuuhe has special interests in development issues (draft animal power and small-scale dairying), and information technologies, especially the use of computers as tools to improve the efficiency of the individual person in higher education. At the time of writing this Handbook he was using his own computer hardware to produce newsletters for two networks: the University Staff Development in Eastern and Southern Africa (USDESA) Newsletter and the African Feeds Resources Network (AFRNET) Newsletter.

Ruth Schlette

Ruth Schlette holds a PhD in History from the University of Munich, Germany. She has lectured at the University of Munster and at Teacher Colleges ('Pgogische Hochschule') in Bonn and Koblenz. From 1984 to 1993 she was the Head of the Higher Education Section of the DSE's Centre for Education, Science and Documentation.

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