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close this bookAPPEAL - Training Materials for Continuing Education Personnel (ATLP-CE) - Volume 3: Equivalency Programmes (APEID - UNESCO, 1993, 69 p.)
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APPEAL Training Materials for Training of Continuing Education personnel (ATLP-CE)

Volume I


Continuing Education New Policies and Directions

Volume II


Post-Literacy Programmes (PLP)

Volume III


Equivalency Programmes (EP)

Volume IV


Quality of Life Improvement Programmes (QLIP)

Volume V


Income-Generating Programmes (IGP)

Volume VI


Individual Interest Promotion Programmes (IIP)

Volume VII


Future-Oriented Programmes (FOP)

Volume VIII


Learning Centre Development Programmes

These manual have been prepared under the project
Training of Literacy and Continuing Education Personnel
(504-RAS-10 & 11) funded by the Government of Norway