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Peace Corps training is a unique experience for trainees and trainers alike. Much of the success of the training depends on the skills of individual trainers. It is a known fact trainers used by Peace Corps vary tremendously in their levels of skills and training experience, therefore, Peace Corps must provide everyone with common demoninators of knowledge about Peace Corps training philosophy, its' goals, and the expectations and training skills required by Peace Corps.

The Trainer's Resource Guide is designed to provide trainers with such information. Ideally any trainer, Project Director, or support staff can pick up the Resource Guide and locate Peace Corps philosophy on training, a description of their roles and responsibilities, and a refresher on training concepts and methodologies as applied by Peace Corps.

This book is a compilation of materials, many of which have been successfully used in Peace Corps countries, offered as examples or models.

It is intended as a resource to help plan, prepare and conduct a program that is responsive to a variety of training situations. We encourage you to modify and adapt the materials to make them more useful and to provide new materials which can be included to contribute to the effectiveness of Peace Corps training worldwide.