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Oxfam Books

Oxfam publishes a wide range of books, manuals, and resources for specialists, academics, teachers, and general readers. For a free catalogue, write to: Oxfam Publishing, Oxfam, 274 Banbury Road, Oxford OX2 7DZ, UK.

Basic Accounting for Small Groups John Cammack

A step-by-step guide to basic accounting and financial management techniques for those with no previous experience of accounting and bookkeeping. This book is ideal for any small group which needs to keep accurate records of its financial transactions.

085598148 2 illustrated

The Financial Management of a Small Handicraft Business Edward Millard

This guide explains the basic financial concepts involved in the effective planning of day-to-day operations which will help businesses to calculate working capital requirements and achieve profitability.

0 85598 082 6 illustrated

Export Marketing for a Small Handicraft Business Edward Millard

Written in clear and accessible language with the small handicraft producer firmly in mind, this helpful book covers such issues as market research, contact with customers, product development and design, packaging, and export formalities.

O 855981741 illustrated

Evaluating Social Development Projects
Edited by Peter Oakley and David Marsden

The goals of many social development programmes involve issues such as the development of indigenous sustainable capacity, the promotion of participation, the awakening of consciousness, and the encouragement of self-reliant strategies. Looking in detail at these aims, this book addresses such questions as: how are these achievements to be measured? What are the purposes of evaluations of these sorts of projects? Are evaluations of such projects essentially different from those of more conventional infrastructural projects?

0 85598146 6 hardback
0 85598147 4 paperback

Behind the Lines of Stone

The Social Impact of a Soil and Water Conservation Project in the Sahel

Nicholas Atampugre

Oxfam's experimental soil and water conservation in the droughtprone Yatenga region of Burkina Faso won international acclaim and many imitators. The innovative techniques resulted in significantly increased cereal yields, and natural vegetation began to grow spontaneously again.

Oxfam commissioned a survey to discover how the project had affected the poorest in the community, especially women. The findings form the basis of this book, which will be of great interest to those involved in agricultural and environmental programmes, as well as community development workers in the field, and academics concerned with agricultural development in arid climates.

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