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Global Campaigns on Security of Tenure and Urban Governance

UNCHS (Habitat) aims to promote sustainable urban development by initiating global campaigns on Security of Tenure and Urban Governance. The idea is to improve the living and working conditions of urban residents by identifying and promoting recognized norms for security of tenure (land tenure, rights to affordable housing, peace and social justice, and financial security) and for urban governance (transparency, accountability, democratic decision making, redistribution and equity). In addition, UNCHS (Habitat) is interested in providing activists, practitioners and policy makers with operational strategies, tools and indicators that they can use to uphold these norms.

UNCHS (Habitat) seeks to facilitate the campaigns rather than 'own' them. The real impact of the campaigns will depend on the support and action of partners. The process of identifying norms and practices will include community leaders, local government officials, senior government policy makers, NGO activists and facilitators, applied researchers, trainers and representatives of international development cooperation agencies. UNCHS (Habitat) also intends to establish mechanisms for monitoring governments and assisting them to practice good urban governance. The two new global campaigns aim to influence multilateral development lending, possibly establishing criteria based on campaign norms, practices and indicators.