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Urban Violence

The global demographic trend towards cities - and increasingly towards large cities - as well as the increasing spatial segregation within cities, creates fertile grounds for social unrest and urban crime. Urban violence has grown at rates between 3 and 5 per cent per year during the last two decades. This is largely in line with urban population growth in most developing countries. In some regions, for instance Asia and the United States, overall crime has decreased. In most regions, however, crimes against property, organised violent criminality and drug trafficking, have increased considerably within cities of more than 100,000 inhabitants.(41) In addition, involvement of youth and particularly minors in criminality has increased. This trend is confirmed in almost all countries.(42)

Domestic violence and violence against women generally are phenomena associated with increasing urbanization and are factors contributing to female homelessness. Vandalism or hooliganism, often not legally prosecuted, has emerged as distorted individual behaviour as opposed to good citizenship. Although often considered 'petty' in the legal sense of the word, such incidents make life very unpleasant for city dwellers and increase the impression of city degradation.(43)