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close this bookOperations on Wood Turning Lathes - Course: Mechanical woodworking techniques. Trainees' handbook of lessons (Institut für Berufliche Entwicklung, 19 p.)
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7. Basic Labour Safety Provisions for Turning

As applies to all wood-working machines, as regards the wood rurning lathe, order and cleanliness are essential precondition for accident-free operations. Heed the following requirements:

- Only use sharp rools with snugly fitting handles.
- Encase chucking devices with protruding parts.
- Never leave locking wrenches in position.
- Do no check the measurements of workpieces whilst the machine is switched on.
- Do not remove chips as the machine is running.
- Position the support strip as closely as possible to the workpiece.
- Do not place tools on the machine cheeks.
- Wear clothing with closely fitting sleeves.
- Ensure that long hair is under a head covering.
- When turning never wear watches, bracelets, finger rings and long necklaces.
- Never chuck workpieces with dried out fissures for they can crack during turning.
- Do not exceed the rotational speeds as set out in table 2 for otherwise bigger workpieces cannot cope with the centrifugal forces.

Broken log pieces present a serious danger of injury.