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close this bookHow to Make Tools (Peace Corps, 1977, 51 p.)
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View the documentInformation
View the documentA temporary hammer
View the documentA chisel
View the documentA drill
View the documentSaw made with two pieces of wood
View the documentSaw made with four straight pieces of wood and string
View the documentPermanent hammer with bamboo handle
View the documentPermanent hammer with wood handle
View the documentTin can drill
View the documentHolding the wood with a bench hook
View the documentAnother wood holder
View the documentKnife from metal packing strip
View the documentCombination saw and knife
View the documentA screwdriver
View the documentTongs
View the documentTweezers
View the documentTin cutting using the chisel or a tin cutter
View the documentA heating stand made from a tin
View the documentHow to make a round hole in a tin
View the documentMaking an equal arm balance
View the documentDetecting changes in temperature without a thermometer
View the documentMaking a set of weights
View the documentConversions between metric, British and American weights and measures