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Manure (dung)

You can get manure (dung) when you keep animals, such as cows, oxen, sheep, goats, donkeys, pigs.

To get manure, a farmer should both grow crops and raise animals.

· Making manure

To make manure, put dry herbage and straw (stems of rice, maize, millet) to rot with animal droppings.

The microbes (see Booklet No. 4, pages 22 and 35) in the animal droppings decompose the leaves and straw.

This makes manure.

Manure in the soil makes humus (see Booklet No. 4, page 22).

A good farmer does not let his animals run about the bush.

You should put them in a paddock with a shelter, a cattle shed.

In the shed put leaves and straw. The animals sleep on it, and make their droppings. With the droppings, the straw rots. You must add straw often. Then you have Good manure.

The shelter protects the animals.

It also prevents rain from making the manure too wet.
It prevents the sun from drying the manure. If it gets dry it does not rot.