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How large should your pond be?

36. It is good to start with a pond about twice as big as your old pond.

37 For example, if you build a pond 15 by 15 metres, the pond will measure about 225 square metres.

Pond’s dimensions

Your old pond measured 100 square metres.

Pond’s area

38. A square pond is easier to build,

A square pond

but your pond can have a different shape to fit the size and shape of your land.

A different shape

39. This book will tell you how to make your old pond bigger. Then it will tell you how to build a new, square pond measuring 15 by 15 metres.
40. When you build a bigger pond, you should try to make it better than your old pond.

41. A bigger pond should have:

· an inlet to let the water into the pond, which should have a screen to keep out wild fish, twigs, leaves and other trash;


· an outlet to let the water flow out of the pond so that you can take out all the fish and clean the pond, the outlet having a screen to keep your fish from getting away when you drain the pond;


· an overflow to let some of the water flow away when there is too much water in the pond. If there is too much water in the pond, some of the water may flow over the banks and some of your fish may get away. The overflow should have a screen to prevent this happening.