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125. Your inlet should have a screen to keep out wild fish, dirt and trash when you fill the pond.

126. If you fill your pond with an inlet trench, it should have a screen, too.

Use a screen

127. A siphon, which is very small, usually does not have a screen.

128. Your outlet should have a screen to keep your fish from getting away when you empty your pond.

129. Your overflow should have a screen to keep your fish from getting away when the pond is too full and the water begins to overflow.

Screen overflow

130. You can easily make screens for your inlet, outlet and overflow from fine- mesh plastic or metal or from a tin with holes in the end.

Make screens

131. Screens should be placed outside the pond on the inlet pipe and Inside the pond on the outlet and overflow pipes.

Place screens

132. This will keep the pipes from filling with trash which could stop the flow of water.

133. Lash the screens tightly in place on the pipes, using heavy cord or light wire.

Lash the screens tightly

134. If you fill your pond by cutting a trench through the bank, you can screen the opening using a fish trap, split and woven bamboo, a clay pot with holes in the bottom or a piece of metal roofing with holes, as you did in Booklet No. 27.

135. When you are filling or emptying your pond, clean the screens often. If you do not do this, dirt and leaves will cover them up and the water will not flow.

136. This book has told you how to build a bigger pond and how to build it better.

137. Now that your new pond is built, you will have to learn more. You will need to learn e

· how to fill your pond with water
· how to fertilize your pond
· about the fish you will put into your pond
· how to feed your fish every day e how to care for your fish
· how to harvest your fish

138. The next booklet in this series, Booklet No. 30, Better freshwater fish farming: the fish, will help you.