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close this bookBetter Farming Series 31 - Biogas: What it is; How it is made; How to use it (FAO, 1984, 52 p.)
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Making more biogas

126. After you have made biogas a few times with your small biogas unit, and have used it for cooking, you may find that you could use more gas if you had it.

127. The easiest way for you to make more biogas is to build one or more biogas units just like your first one.

128. If you can get more oil drums, pipe, valves and gas lines, and if you have enough waste materials, you can build and run several small biogas units and get gas from all of them.

129. When you have several biogas units, you can connect them to your gas line by using T- pieces. The drawings show you a t- piece and how to connect several units to the same gas line.

T- piece

130. When you have several biogas units fill them with waste at different times so that when all of the gas in one unit has been made, you will still get gas from another unit which is working.

131. In this booklet you have learned how to build a small biogas unit and how to make your own biogas. You have also learned that you can make more biogas by building several small biogas units.

132. But there are still other ways to make more biogas. You can build an improved small unit or you can build a different kind of unit which is bigger and better and will give more biogas.

133. You will learn about these ways in a later booklet.