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The banana plant yields fruits. These fruits are long in shape, with yellow or green skin.

The spike produces many bananas. The bananas on one spike are called a bunch.

On this bunch, the bananas are clustered in several hands.

The flesh of a banana is light in color, sweet and soft.

In the middle of the fruit you can see little black specks; these are the seeds, but they will not germinate (see Booklet No. 1, page 8).

Section of a banana

For example:

In southern Ivory Coast, Poyo bananas are planted 2 metres apart in rows that are 2 metres apart. This gives about 2 500 banana plants to the hectare.

In Cameroon Gros Michel bananas are planted 2.85 metres apart in rows 2.85 metres apart.

In plantations where bananas are grown with other crops, bananas may. be planted 5 metres apart in rows 5 metres apart.