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News - Ten Years of the ITDG Stove Programme

It is now ten years since Steve Joseph came to Shinfield from Australia and started our stove prograrnme. We made and tested all manner of strange stoves of mud, clay and metal and learnt why some stoves were efficient and others were not. Many of our readers will have met various members of ITDG's stove team, present and past.

The present team is shown on the back cover and below are their personal profiles so that readers will know who does what and why. The team's socio-economist has recently left and is now being replaced.

Katherine Clarke - Sector Manager

- Starting at age 11, helped in the family bakery business by selling bread in the market on Saturdays and since then has always worked directly or indirectly with food. Studied nutrition and worked for 9 years in sales and marketing for Milupa Baby Foods, then in Southern Philippines as Training Officer in the Bussiness Resource Centre.

- As lTDG's Stove Programme Manager 19X7-9 the small business development and marketing inputs to fuel effective stove production offered a way to contribute to improved nutrition world wide.

- Being responsible for the overall management of the Stoves, Biomass, Sugar and Food Processing Programmes, now enables me to continue my interests in nutrition and people and will, I hope, make some small contribution to a more equal sharing of the resources of this world.

Pete Young - Acting Programme Manager

- Engineer from Trent Polytechnic, single, sportsman, calm and collected in any emergency, admirer of Gandhiniketan methods.

- Joined ITDG stove project in 1982 for stove testing and construction, tool; over from Stephen Joseph on stove design and development, extensive field experience in Kenya, Sri Lanka and South India etc.

- Motivation initially professional, now 3rd world development through appropriate technologies.

Viv Abbott - Project Engineer

- Mechanical Engineer, University of Reading. 1977-80 UNA volunteer in Mali, working on the promotion of rural user built stoves and the production of metal stoves for the urban areas.

- Joined ITDG 1986, now Project Manager West Kenya, working on the rural stoves project for the production and marketing of stoves and the training of women potters to produce liners for these stoves.

- She is motivated by her recognition of the hardship of women and the need to improve the status of women in the 3rd world.

Tim Jones - Ceramicist

- Single from London, outdoor pursuit leader, apiarist, enjoys brewing and oriental cooking.

- Ceramics teacher in London, ceramics specialist in Kenya. Joined ITDG Fuel for Food Programme in 1987 - testing and designing; training 3rd world potters and research into clay materials for stoves and small-scale firing kilns.

- Enjoys wide variety of work and work situations, and opportunity to work with the rural poor in 3rd world. Gets satisfaction from learning other ways of solving pottery production problems.

Tammy Flavell - Production Manager of Boiling Point

- Single from Stratford, trained as bilingual secretary in French, keen cyclist.

- Joined ITDG 1987 to work with Agriculture and Fisheries Programme as secretary, transferred to stove programme 1988 and took over production of Boiling Point, handles all correspondence for the programme.

- Enjoys working for ITDG as a 3rd world charity and learning about life and problems of 3rd world women.

Ian Grant - Editor of Boiling Point

- B P Editor. Engineer, retired UN Advisor on technical education and training 1958-78, lives in London, gardener, Green Party.

- Joined ITDG '79 as Administrator, Shinfield R&D base until part-time volunteer. Main job since 19X5 editing Boiling Point.

- Inspired by "Small is Beautiful". "Third world needs more and more help from people who understand its problems and are in sympathy with its people". Thinks UN approach to development is needed (even if sometimes misdirected) but ITDG's NGO bottom up technology is also essential (even if sometimes unsuccessfful).

Ex-Team Members

Jackie Pepper, Jane Swinton, Sandra Con, Cheryl Joy, Johnathon Loose, Jenny Trussel, Jan Bialy.

Dr Steven Joseph

- Boiling Point editor. Australian engineer-trainer, authority on 3rd world stoves, returned to Australia 1983 wife Helen and 3 children at school. Steve is an irrepressible ideas man.

- Originator of lTDG's stove programme 1978, manager Shinfield till 83, now consultant. Partner in "BEST', initiated Rocket stove for briquettes and small scale briquetting.

- Steve is dedicated to work for the 3rd world poor which he sees as a greater intellectual challenge than hitek engineering.

Ms Yvonne Shanahan

- BP Editor 1982-84. Nutritionist/Home Economist, single, from London, would like to do more academic study hut is too much in demand at present as a feminist approach to development.

- Joined ITDG stove project in 1979 aged 22 at Shinfield during technological and sociological research phase. Project manager 1982-84, developed Fuel for Food Programme. Left for Matrix, Holland 1984, travelling widely as AT Consultant and acting Executive Director at FOOD. Currently Director of VSO in Thailand and Programme Coordinator for Laos and Vietnam.

- Pioneered ITDG's emphasis on women in 3rd world development and the need to work with women in stove promotion and kitchen improvements.


Boiling Point is the Journal of the Intermediate Technology Development Group's Fuel for Food Programme. Contributions are welcome in the form of articles of not more than 1,000 words plus line drawings, photographs, simple graphs etc. where appropriate. All correspondence should be addressed to 'Boiling Point, ITDG Fuel for Food Programme, Myson House, Railway Terrace, Rugby, CV21 3HT, England.

Opinion expressed in contributory articles are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the ITDG Fuel for Food Programme.

(Readers wishing to enter into correspondence may obtain full postal addresses from the address given above).

Editorial and Production Team

Tammy Flavell - Production Manager
Ian Grant - Editor
Pete Young
Kathryn Clarke


P Bradbrook, E Crewe, A Figueroa, I Grant, F Hottenroth, T Jones, H V Krosigk, R Marshall, A Sefu, P Vasudevan & S S Jain D Walubengo

Contributions to Boiling Point

Contributions are invited for the next three issues of Boiling Point the main themes of which will be:
No 20 - Non Biomass Stoves
No 21 - Stoves, Energy, Environment
No 22 -

Articles for these issues should reach this office by the end of October for issue No 2(), end February for issue No 21, and end June for issue No 22.

Technical Enquiries to ITDG

One of the most valuable services provided by ITDG is in answering technical enquiries.

The stove team and its associates are at your service in this way and have answered many enquiries over the last 6 years. They are ready to tackle questions on subjects such as stoves promotion and dissemination; marketing and economics; production; project strategy and planning as well as technical problems of design and testing etc. Remeber, if you need a detailed answer, you should give as much detailed information as possible.

Boiling Point now has a column for stove enquiries we have received and for which we invite readers suggestions.

Intermediate Technology Development Group (ITDG) is a British charity dedicate´] to increasing, income generating capabilities of poor people in rural areas of the developing world. ITDG gives advice in the choice of appropriate technologies and provides assistance to local development projects aimed at improving the productivity of communities and small enterprises. Boiling Point is mainly funded by the UK Overseas Development Administration