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close this bookBoiling Point No. 21 - April 1990 (ITDG - ITDG, 1990, 44 p.)
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Stove Journal Profiles

RED means network in Spanish

Mesoamerican Center for the Study of Appropriate Technology (CEMAT)

la. Av. 32-21, zone 12, P O Box 1160 Guatemala City Guatemala Tel. 76218 & 762355

Editorial Team: Edgardo Caceres, Armando Caceres & Dora Harrison

First Issue: July - September 1979

4 issues per year: January, April, July, October Format: Letter size, 24 pages

Subscription: Annual subscription Guatemala Q 5.00 Latin America US$ 5.00 Rest of the World US$ 7.00

Circulation: More than 50 countries around the world

Language: Spanish & English

Target Readership: Diverse kinds of readers from grassroot groups, national & international public & private institutions, aid agencies and other bodies involved in rural development.

Subjects covered: Aspects of the use of Appropriate Technology. Each issue covers two parts: one related to biomass combustion and the other to different subjects such as Sanitation, Health, Minilivestock, Microenterprises, Biogas and others.

The bulletin can also be exchanged with other periodical newsletters related to rural development, as well as documents, books and interesting material concerning the use of appropriate technologies.

The bulletin is financed by: GATE/GTZ-Germany & FWD-Holland.

AT-source, P O Box 41, 6700 AA Wageningen, The Netherlands

AT-Source, co-published by TOOL (the umbrella foundation for appropriate technology organizations in the Netherlands), Al'OL (a study and documentation centre on appropriate technology in developing countries in Belgium) and CICAT (the Centre for International Cooperation and Appropriate Technology of Delft University of Technology).

Editorial Team: Editor: Hannie Korthof, Editorial Board: Rob Brusten (ATOL), Frank Heijster (TOOL), Martin Engels (Agromisa), Peter de Jong (CICAT).

Issue: 4 issues per year Format: A4 - 76 pages. Subscription: Dfl 25 per year separate copies Dfl 8 Circulation: 2,000 copies printed

Language: English and French

Target Readership: Development workers, experts of international agencies, staff of "intermediate" organizations working in the field of technology and development in third world countries. Eventually the generally interested public.

Subjects Covered: AT-Source is an independent periodical dedicated to the spread of information on appropriate technology for improving the position of underprivileged people in third world countries. It contains practical information about agriculture, technology and health related topics including their social implications.

Funded by Netherlands Ministry for Development Cooperation.