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close this bookBoiling Point No. 43 - Fuel Options for Household Energy (ITDG - ITDG, 1999, 44 p.)
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Back Issues of Boiling Point

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13 - Safer and Less Smoky Stoves
14 - Kitchens, Pots and Cooking Practices
15 - Stove Progress in Kenya and Sri Lanka
16 - Muds, Clays and Metals for Stove Making
17 - Fault Finding and Fixing
18 - Stove Programmes in the 90s
19 - Stoves Will Not Sell Themselves
20 - Non-biomass Stoves
21 - Stoves, Energy and the Environment
22 - Other Uses for Stoves
23 - Measures of Success
24 - Solar Energy
25 - Funding for Stove Programmes
26 - Technology and Design Transfer
27 - Women, Woodfuel, Work and Welfare
28 - Biomass Combustion, Chimneys and Hoods
29 - Household Energy Developments in Southern and East Africa
30 - Sales and Subsidies
31 - Clays for Stoves
32 - Energy for the Household
33 - Household Energy Developments in Asia
34 - Smoke Removal
35 - How Much Can NGOs Achieve
36 - Solar Energy in the Home
37 - Household Energy in Emergency Situations
38 - Household Energy in High Cold Regions
39 - Using Biomass Residues for Energy
40 - Household energy and health
41 - Household energy: the urban dimension
42 - Household energy and the environment

Cover photo: Woman preparing dung-sticks, Bangladesh, ITDG