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Professional training

Training is a must

MCR and FCR production need professional training both in technique and business management. Therefore you must consider that most failures in MCR/FCR production and application so far were due to no or bad knowhow transfer and insufficient professional training.

Process of development

Since the technical rationale of MCR and FCR is still in a process of development, and marketing as well as management methods also have to be improved, the decision-makers should be kept conversant with the most up-to-date data and facts and the practitioners should be well trained before they start their production.

Hardware and knowhow

A good MCR/FCR hardware kit must be accompanied by a well adapted knowhow transfer package and professional training, if the production has to be successful in the long run. There are different forms of MCR and FCR knowhow transfer like training courses? management guidelines, technical manuals etc. One has to choose the appropriate form for each specific case. The dissemination of knowhow adapted to the local demands can be done through regional or national MCR/FCR centres, as they exist in some countries already. For any question about MCR or FCR knowhow transfer and training facilities you are welcome to ask the Roofing Advisory Service at SKAT.