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Workshop and site

Selection of a site

The MCR and FCR workshop needs a minimum of infrastructure: site and buildings. The accessibility anti availability of water and to some extent sand have to be taken into account when selecting a site. Electricity from the main or from batteries has to be available when using an electric vibrator.

Enough water

Water is in constant demand; not only for mixing but also for general cleaning and refreshing of the curing tanks. Therefore the site must otter a reliable water supply.

Store and office

There must be a room for storage and safekeeping of cement and tools and some provision for administration would be useful. This room should be closed by a door.

Working space

The production of MCR and FCR has to take place under cover. The space in the workshop is needed for storage of sand and fibres, mixing, screeding and compaction of the mortar on the table, storage of fresh roofing elements and storage of moulds. For a one-table-operation a covered floor area of about 25 to 35 sq.m is

Curing tanks

The curing tanks are situated close to the workshop. They can be dug out or built up by using bricks or concrete.

Typical lay-out of a MCR/FCR workshop

Storing and maneuvering

Additional space is needed for the finished roofing elements. Sufficient manoeuvring space for vehicles bringing raw materials or collecting finished products must be available. The recommended minimum area is about 200 sq.m, more space may be useful for future expansion.