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Building materials and construction technologies that are appropriate for developing countries’ particularly in the low-income sector, are being developed, applied and documented in many parts of the work . This is an important prerequisite for providing safe, decent and affordable buildings for an ever-growing population.

But such new developments can do little to improve the building situation, as long as the information does not reach potential builders. The types and sources of information on standard and innovative building technologies are numerous and very diverse, making access to them difficult

Thus, in order to remedy this drawback, GATE, ITDG, SKAT and CRATerre are cooperating in the Building Advisory Service and Information Network, which covers four principal subject areas and coordinates the documentation, evaluation and dissemination of information.

All four groups have a coordinated database from which information is available on Documents, Technologies, Equipment, Institutions, Consultants as well as on Projects and Programs. In addition, printed material or individual advice on certain special subjects is provided on request. Research projects, training programs and other field work can be implemented in cooperation with local organizations, if a distinct need can be identified and the circumstances permit.

BASIN is a service available to all institutions and individuals concerned with housing, building and planning in developing countries, but can only function efficiency if there is a regular feedback Therefore, any publications, information, personal experiences, etc. that can be made available to BASIN are always welcome and will help BASIN to help others.

P.O.Box 5180
D-65 726 Eschborn
Federal Republic of Germany
Telefax + 49 - 6196 - 79 4820
Telex 4075014 gtz d
Cables Eschborn


GATE (German Appropriate Technology Exchange) a programme of the Deutsche Gesellschaft fhnische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) GmbH, acts as a centre for the dissemination and promotion of appropriate technologies for developing countries.

The Information and Advisory Service on Appropriate Technologies (ISAT), a project of GATE, has accumulated specific know-how in the wall building sector through its own research and development programmes, studies and publications. Own capacities and a team of experts are available for advice on wall construction and wall building materials.

Myson House
Railway Terrace
Rugby CV21 3HT
United Kingdom
Tel. + 44 - 788 - 660631
Telefax + 44 - 788 - 540270
Telex 317466 ITDG g
Cables ITDG Rugby

The Intermediate Technology Development Group (ITDG) is an independent British charity, founded by Dr. E. F. Schumacher, author of Small is Beautiful, to help increase the income-generating and employment opportunities of small-scale industrial activities in developing countries.

ITDG offers expertise in a wide range of technical areas (eg Mineral Industries, Shelter, Agro Processing, Textiles), provides advice and assistance in the selection and application of appropriate technologies aimed at improving the productivity of communities and small enterprises, and provides several other services through the Group’s subsidiaries.

Vadianstrasse 42
CH-9000 St. Gallen
Tel. + 41 - 71 - 237475
Telefax + 41 - 71 - 237545
Telex 881226skat ch
Cables LATAMI St. Gall

SKAT (Swiss Center for Development Cooperation in Technology and Management) is a documentation centre and consultancy group which is engaged in promoting appropriate technologies in the Third World.

The services of SKAT are: 1. Technical Enquiry Service; 2. Consultancies, Projects, Studies; Documentation Centre; 4. Bookshop; 5. Publishing Department; 6. International Cooperation; 7. Pubic Relations for Appropriate Technologies.

SKAT’s main fields of activity are Building Materials, Energy (with emphasis on hydropower), Small-Scale Industrial Development (with emphasis on the metal-working industry), as well as Water, Sanitation and Wastewater.

CRATerre - EAG
Centre Simone Signoret
F - 38090 Villefontaine
Tel. + 33 - 74 98 60 55
Telefax + 33 - 74 96 04 53
Telex 308658 F

CRATerre, the International Centre for Earth Construction, is a non-governmental, nonprofit organization of the School of Architecture of Grenoble, dedicated to the promotion of earth as a building material.

CRATerre has an integrated working method in which research, application, consultancy, training and communication are permanently linked.

The three main programs of development are: i. Industrialization; ii. Economic Housing; iii. Preservation.

The competence of CRATerre covers every aspect of the different earth construction technologies at all levels.