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BASIN-News is the communication and information journal of the Building Advisory Service and Information Network (BASIN) The subscription of this journal is free of charge to readers from developing countries, groups and individuals involved in work for the Third World. This journal replaced the previous FASNews, which was in particular oriented towards the FCR/MCR technology. The FASNews are still available to interested persons. Practical hints and tips for the implementation of roofs are now provided in a separate RAS “Technical Bulletin” to practitioners.

2. FCR/MCR Toolkit

The entire know-how required in the field of MCR and FCR technology (Micro and Fibre Concrete Roofing) is now available in a Toolkit covering all technical questions as well as the economic, organizational, management and marketing aspects. This Toolkit is divided into different pans; promotion, technology and economics. These different parts are addressed to particular interested groups like; tile producers, manager, promoters, architects, government officials etc.

This whole Toolkit (see below) as a unit is meant for national FCR/MCR reference centres and for libraries. For individuals, the different elements can be ordered according to need and interest. The price per element is between 25.- to 50.- Sfr.

3. Product Information Fibre Concrete (FCR) / Micro Concrete (MCR) Roofing Equipment Product Information, a GATE publication.

This Product Information Portfolio was conceived to inform users as objectively as possible about FCR/MCR roofing in general, and more specifically about the available equipment, as well as selecting and buying the most suitable type.

This GATE publication shows all available FCR/MCR tile production equipment. Order from GATE, free of cost.

4. FCR - Fibre Concrete Roofing

Co-publication by SKAT and IT-Publications. 1987. 185 p., sev. tables, phot. and illus. Sfr. 25.- (Switzerland) £ 7.95 (UK).

A comprehensive report on the potential of FCR, the limits of application, the state of the an.

5. Appropriate Building Materials

A catalogue of potential solutions. By Roland Stulz and Kiran Mukerji. Revised third edition 1993. SKAT/IT-P/GATE. 430p OrderNr.SKAT-7-002 (Sfr. 35.-)

Publication available at SKAT updated until September 1993

Gives an introduction to basic knowledge of low cost construction technology; a survey of examples of appropriate building material’ which are field proven.

The following publications can be ordered by:

INSTEAD Technology and Employment Branch, International Labour Office, CH-1211 Geneva 22, Switzerland

1. Tuiles en fibromortier.

Proc de production et pose en toiture . ILO. 1988, G.Brys. (Sfr.15.-)
Detailed description of the FCR technology raw materials, equipment, production process, production organization, quality control - and small scale enterprise”.

2. Fibre and Micro Concrete Roofing Element

This publication describe” the FCR/MCR tile production process and tile laying techniques.

LO. 1992, G. Brys. (Sfr. 15.-)

3. Building Technology Series

Technical report” on FCR/MCR project implementation from various countries in Africa and Asia. These reports are free of cost.