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close this bookBasics of Concrete Roofing Elements (SKAT)
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Who may be interested in this booklet?

· MCR or FCR newcomers: All those who want to start producing MCR or FCR Elements.

· Decisionmakers: All those who have to take the decision, whether to work with MCR/FCR Elements or not.

· Practitioners: All those who are already producing or using MCR or FCR.

· All those who are interested in MCR or FCR and want to know more about it.

What you can find in this booklet:

· Basic information about MCR and FCR.

· Some advantages and disadvantages of MCR and FCR.

· Guidelines that you should consider and first steps towards MCR/FCR.

· Hints and particular details to avoid mistakes.

· Addresses and literature for more detailed information.

What you can NOT find in this booklet:

There is

· No detailed technical information.
· No detailed instruction on how to produce MCR or FCR Elements.
· No specifications of costs and profit in your specific case.
· No information about particular problems in particular countries.

1989, 1993
Vadianstrasse 42
9000 St. Gallen, Switzerland