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The roofing advisory service (RAS) at SKAT

The Rooting Advisory Service has been founded to serve as an information centre specialized in all aspects of roofing materials and their application. In close collaboration and coordination with professional organizations (BASIN partners and others), housing experts and practitioners, the Roofing Advisory Service offers technical and managerial advice and knowhow to all organizations and individuals interested in producing or disseminating roofing materials.

The Roofing Advisory Service offers GENERAL SERVICES as for example networking, organization of seminars and meetings, promotion of regional MCR/FCR centres, the BASIN enquiry and answer service, monitoring, BASIN News and a Technical Bulletin, processing and systematization of MCR, FCR and other roofing material information.

The Roofing Advisory Service produces TOOLS needed for roofing material dissemination such as: guides for feasibility and market studies, checklists

for potential entrepreneurs, manuals, resting facilities for raw materials and FCR/MCR products, case studies, study on best size and shape of products, on the need for fibres in the product, use of pozzolanas , and equipment requirements .

· Do you have questions and bees on MCR or FCR?

· Do you have information which may be important for our activity, for example contributions to our Technical Bulletin?

· Do you produce, or want to produce MCR/FCR products?

· Do you know institutions or individuals interested in receiving roofing information?

Then, please do not hesitate to contact us!
BASIN - Roofing Advisory Service
c/o SKAT
Vadianstr. 42
CH-9000 St.Gallen