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MCR and FCR for organizations

What is the target

In principle everybody can produce and work with MCR or FCR. The question is whether producer and user are the same persons or not. Depending on the individual case, different problems and expectations will occur. One can distinguish between private entrepreneurs who have to make a profit from the production and Non Governmental or Governmental Organizations where financial profit is not a main target.

The producer is the user

The situation of Non Governmental and Governmental Organizations is rather easy because if the producer and user are the same organization, the problems are more production orientated. Acceptance of the product is easier in such cases, because the users are involved in the production process. On the other hand it has to be considered that a small industrial project like a MCR or FCR workshop should be able to become self-supporting. Therefore MCR/FCR producers for Non Governmental or Governmental Organizations should be able to meet the same demands as the private entrepreneurs.

Many profits

For an Non Governmental or a Governmental Organization economics are not purely valued in profit but in socio-economic benefits such as

· job creation
· Import savings
· use of local materials
· improvement of the roofing technology.

MCR and FCR offers above benefits and therefore it is a very interesting option for these organizations.