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How to start MCR and FCR

If you are considering starting working with concrete roofing elements or starting running an MCR or FCR workshop, please reflect carefully on the following points:

· professional training
· infrastructure and equipment
· marketing and management.

Please start your reflections by answering the following ten questions.

Ten key questions



Is there a genuine demand for a roofing alternative?

Are all the following materials available in your locality:

· cement

· sand

· water

· eventually organic fibres

· good timber or metal supporting roof structures?

Do you have a secure, dry site with good access?

Can you use or sell a concrete roofing product that costs 2 to 4 US$ per sq.m in production?

Are you equipped for careful manufacturing with close supervision, maintenance of equipment and quality control?

Are you aware that there is expenditure involved before you can even try out this technology?

Are you prepared to pay high attention to the initial know how transfer and professional training as well as to continued education and service?

Are you aware that MCR and FCR manufacturing may present some initial problems like any other production method? These problems can be mastered by good workers and good management.

Are you interested in creating jobs and saving foreign exchange?

Do you realize that all building materials have a limit to their service life?

If you answer every question with yes, you have the potential to go into MCR or FCR technology. If not, you are advised to contact one of the specialist organizations for assistance in decisionmaking.

Ten steps to start a successful workshop

1 A feasibility and market study should be made in any case. For a single workshop it may be carried out with the help of a simplified method by a potential workshop owner himself. An MCR/FCR regional centre or a development project will require amore detailed study by a specialized person.

2 The definition of the products to be sold and the required productivity output for competitive marketing will be a result of the feasibility study. In many cases it is wise-to produce several concrete products to spread the risk.

3 The securing of the financing of the workshop investment and the running capital is the next step which has to be made based on the results of the market study.

4 The terms of reference for the equipment must be clear for every single case.

5 The purchase and the installation of the equipment can be made simultaneously with the preparation of the site and the building.

6 The initial professional training course before or a short time after the beginning of production has to be attended at a competent institution.

7 The initial production will be a three to six month period of trial and error for the workshop team.

8 Improving the production method, quality control, productivity and application will be the next step which may be facilitated with the assistance of the Roofing Advisory Service or other competent partners.

9 Careful monitoring of the production process and quality control will be a continuos task for the successful producer.

10 Good marketing, assistance to the installing persons and a certain service for main tenance of concrete roofs are additional tasks of a successful producer.

The Roofing Advisory Service at SKAT offers the tools

The Roofing Advisory Service has established several tools for the planning and running of an MCR or FCR workshop. SKAT will be pleased to send information about to you on request.