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ATIKA soil mixers TZ 100/60 and TZ 200/125

ATIK A -Maschinenfabrik
Wilhelm Pollmeier GmbH & Co.
Schinkelstrasse 97
D-4730 Ahlen
Federal Republic of Germany
Tel. [ . . 49] 2382 - 8920
Fax. [ . . 49] 2382 - 81812


The ATIKA TZ 200/125 is a planetary mixer comprising anon-turning steel tank and a three paddle rotary mill. The total capacity of the tank is 200 litres, while the operational capacity is 125 litres, which is ideally suited for small and medium scale production lines.

The ATIKA TZ 100/60 is principally the same type of mixer, but of extremely compact size and with half the capacity of the TZ 200/125, enabling the machine to be used for small jobs in the narrowest corner of a building site.

The machines are normally used to mix concrete and mortar, but can also be used to prepare earth mixes with moderate or low clay contents, because clay-rich mixes tend to be very sticky, giving unsatisfactory results and making it difficult to empty the tank. The paddles are adjusted at optimum angles to achieve a good mix with a minimum of time and effort. One of the paddles has an extension which slides along the tank wall, removing any material sticking to it.

A screen cover on the tank ensures operational safety and reduces spillage, thus also reducing the effort and time needed to clean the mixer.

The mixers are driven by electric motors and are equipped with castors for easy transportation to and around the production site.

Operating the ATIKA Soil Mixers

The use of these mixers is simple and requires no special preparation. They can be wheeled to any convenient horizontal position and used straight away. Especially the TZ 100/60 is narrow enough to pass through doors, so it can even be used inside buildings.

When the engine has reached its normal speed, a measured proportion of soil is introduced, after which the stabilizer can be added. Once a uniform dry mix is achieved, the contents of the tank are progressively moistened. Through an opening at the bottom of the tank, the final mix is discharged into a wheelbarrow or bucket.

Technical Details

ATIKA Soil Mixer TZ 100/60

ATIKA Soil Mixer TZ 200/125

Size of machine (length x width x height)

70 x 70 x 103 cm (28 x 28 x 41 in)

140 x 110 x 120 cm (55 x 43 x 47 in)

Weight of machine

80 kg

275 kg

Size of crate for shipment

85 x 83 x 115 cm (34 x 33 x 45 in)

155 x 125 x 135 cm (61 x 49 x 53 in)

Weight of packed machine

100 kg

300 kg

Electric motor

1.5 kW 220/380 V

2.2 kW 380 V

Total capacity

100 l

200 l

Operational capacity

60 l

125 l

Labour force required

1 worker

1 worker

Price (ex works)

ATIKA TZ 100/60

3 660 DM (~ 2 150 US$)

ATIKA TZ 200/125

4 990 DM (~ 2 940 US$)

valid June 1991

same price for AC (220 V) motor or

with car coupling

5 075 DM (~ 2 990 US$)

DM = Deutsche Mark

three-phase (380 V) motor

stationary (3 legs)

4 960 DM (~ 2 920 US$)