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United Nations
University Press
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Human Rights and Scientific and Technological Development
Edited by CC. Weerarnantry

The present work represents an effort to develop a conceptual framework for the study of the interaction between human rights and scientific and technological development and review the current state of research in the

ISBN 92-808-0731-5
US$35, airmail US$40
Developing country price US$17 50 airmail US$22,50

New Technologies across the Atlantic
US Leadership or European Autonomy?
By Mario Pianta

The book examines the comparative performances and strategies of the US, Japanese, and European economies and new technology development.

ISBN 0-7450-0442-3 Published with Harvester Wheatsheat, 16 Ship Street, Brighton, Sussex BN1 TAD, UK. In England, the Commonwealth, and Continental Europe, order from Harvester Wheatsheaf; elsewhere order from UNU Press (US$55, airmail US$60).

Technological Independence
The Asian Experience
Edited by Saneh Chamarik and Susantha Goonatilake

Focusing on the importance of technology as a key to development this volume examines the experiences, efforts, and perspectives of technological development in six Asian countries: China, India Japan, Korea, the Philippines, and Thailand.

ISBN 92-808-0758-7 US$40, airmail US$47 Developing country price: US$20, airmail US$25

Technological Innovation and the Development of Transportation in Japan
Edited by Hirofumi Yamamoto

Covering roughly 120 years from 1 867 to 1980 this comprehensive work describes and analyses the history of the modern development of transportation in Japan.

ISBN 92-808-0551-7
US$50, airmail US$57
Developing country price: US$, airmail US$32


This volume is a sequel to Human Rights and Scientific and Technological Development, published by the UNU Press in 1990.

Following on the theoretical discussions concerning the interrelations between scientific and technological development and human rights presented in the earlier book, the current study describes actual situations resulting from the impact of science and technology on society. Five case-studies from Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America examine a range of technologies and their effects on human rights. In the Polish study, for example, the dramatic shift in the approach to human rights in Poland and the impact of this shift on the direction of scientific and technological development is addressed. The damage suffered by a traditional society as a result of firearms technology from the West is the subject of the Ethiopian case-study. In the study focusing on the Netherlands, the impact of highly advanced medical technology on human rights is analysed.

The first such wide-ranging study, it provides a valuable testing ground for some of the theoretical approaches developed in the academic literature and serves, too, as an indication of the possible harmful impact of science and technology on society.

ISBN 92-808-0821-4
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