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Course Materials

The following checklists are provided so that you quickly can scan materials necessary for this course. In preparing, be sure these items are available and that you are aware of the logistics of activities cited in the Instructor Guide.


Flipchart easel and three pads
Overhead projector
Carousel-type slide projector
Slide/tape synchronizer unit (such as Wollensak)
VCR (VHS) and monitor (one for each 25 students)
Projection screen
Assorted markers for use on acetate transparencies
Assorted wide-tipped felt markers for use on flipcharts
Extension cords
Blank acetate transparencies


Before the course begins, reproduce enough copies of the student version of the final exam (Unit XII) for each student


Request the following media from your State or Regional Training Manager before the course.

Thirty-minute videotape presentation: Leadership and the One-Minute Manager (Unit VI)

Twenty-minute presentation (available in both VHS video and slide-tape formats): The Trouble in Bixby County (Unit X)


The instruments and scoring sheets necessary to teach this course are included in SM 240.1, Kit #3.