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close this bookTraining for Elected Leadership - The Councillor as Policy-maker (HABITAT, 1994, 20 p.)
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2.1 Warm-up exercise: policy recall

Time required: 45-60 minutes


This exercise is to stimulate councillors to reflect on their experiences with public policy-making.


Give each participant a copy of the following statement as a handout or print it on newsprint.

A policy statement is the expression in writing of a specific council stand in writing intended to serve as the basis for a plan of action to resolve an issue and achieve a goal (e.g., this local authority's division of licenses and taxes shall collect all past due license fees).

After they have read the statement, ask participants individually to write statements of their own that describe policies adopted by their councils within the last year or two. As an option, ask participants to write policy statements that their councils should have adopted but did not. Suggest that participants use the space below to write their policies.

Your Council's Policies

When participants have written policy statements, divide them into groups. Ask each group to answer the following questions about each of the policy statement

1. For policy statements that were adopted

· What was the policy intended to accomplish (the goal)?.
· What actually was accomplished?

2. For policy statements that should have been adopted:

· What might have been accomplished by adopting the policy?
· What are the consequences of not adopting the policy?

After about 20 minutes, reconvene the small groups and ask for summary reports from each of them.