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2.5 Skill practice exercise

Time required: 90-120 minutes


There is powerful learning value when workshop participants take new concepts and apply them to situations they face in their activities as councillors.

This exercise is to encourage more informed and deliberate council policy-making by engaging workshop participants in the active preparation of goals, policy statements, and strategies for resolving current issues in their own local governments.


Divide participants into a number of approximately five-member teams. Ask participants to share problems with each other that currently are confronting their councils, preferably problems that will have dire social or economic consequences if something isn’t done about them soon. An example of problems that might be mentioned are a sudden rise in the crime rate or the loss of a major local-government revenue source.

Some participants may prefer to share opportunities which could have significant benefit for the areas served by their local governments if the council is able to move quickly and decisively. Such an opportunity might be to create the proper conditions for a large manufacturing or other industrial plant to locate in the community.

After participants have shared their problems and opportunities, ask them to select one of these and write (a) a goal statement, (b) a policy statement, and (c) one or more strategies to achieve the goal (specific actions to overcome the problem or seize the opportunity). Suggest that each team appoint a team leader and someone to record the results of team activity on newsprint for later reporting. A worksheet for recording results is shown on the next page.

Reconvene the teams and ask someone from each team to report on what the team would recommend the council do to deal with the selected problem or opportunity.




The goal we hope to achieve is:


The policy stand we intend to take is:


Some strategies for implementing the policy and achieving the goal are:

1. ________________________________________
2. ________________________________________
3. ________________________________________

Transfer to newsprint for ease of reporting