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close this bookHundred Tips for a Better Management (Aga Khan Foundation, 1993, 70 p.)
close this folderLeadership : Lead, follow, or get out of the way. (Henry Ford, US Industrialist)
View the document22. There is no one best leadership style. You need to adapt your style to fit the needs of each person23
View the document23. Share your vision24
View the document24. Employees respond to the manager, not the organisation.25
View the document25. Lead by example26
View the document26. First be effective, then efficient27
View the document27. Managers should work for their staff. If they win, you win
View the document28. A bad attitude is infectious
View the document29. Know where you're coming from28
View the document30. To be a good leader, be professional
View the document31. Be committed. Take an active role.
View the document32. Leave 'em laughing29